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1. It’s been a few weeks due to sneak peeks, and my session giveaway, so, how’s everyone doing?! Happy we’re in March? I can’t believe it.

2. And with that, CONGRATULATIONS Zags! We are HUGE Zag fans around here (as most of my loyal readers have already figured out 😉 ) and are SO excited for our Bulldogs. Mark Few and his guys totally deserve it. Here’s to an awesome Tourney this weekend, and March Madness, our favorite time of year. 😉

2. And on the March note, I have one remaining session available in March! Two in April and one in May. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in a session, or in pricing details.

3. And in keeping with that spring theme, it’s Daylight savings time this weekend! I am SO ready. IF I can remember to switch the clocks forward. 😉

4. Baby Fair 2013 is on Sunday! Find lots of details here: http://www.bloomspokane.com/programs/upcoming-events/ And make sure to stop by the Bloom Booth, where you will be given a bag with some goodies, including a special gift card to Holly Clouse Photography!

5. Landon’s all done with basketball this season. He ended a week ago Friday night, and enjoyed it so much. He had an awesome coach (and assistant coach, his wife!) and we went through the Upwards program. We hope to do it again next year, and hope to have the same coach. 😉 He still wears his uniform a TON, and practices every day. Love that little guy, and love his determination!

6. My friend Brad told me about Evernote, when I was lamenting about not being able to find something I remembered online, and I am SO glad he did. You must check it out, saying it’s a life changer might be a little much, but, yeah, it changed mine. Ok, it made for a happier week. 😉 It’s here: www.evernote.com  and basically it saves anything you clip from the web. A blog post, a picture, your receipts that you scan, pictures, whatever! AND, the kicker is you can access it from your phone, or tablet, or desktop, or work, or home….you’d think I was selling it. 😉 Best part, it’s free, so go look at it and tell me what you think, I’m in love!

7. I’ve gone through my nominations from the 500 FB fan giveaway, and the winner has been notified! I look forward to hearing from them, and hopefully being able to share their story with you all soon!

8. I put this up on my personal page, and will have it in a blog post this week or next, but oh my goodness, how cute is this?! I asked Emmalia to show me how old she is, and, well, her finger’s didn’t want to work. 😉

9. Kids Photography in Spokane


10. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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