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1. Happy Tuesday! What’s new?!

2. I’m done with the cold, and officially ready for spring, haha! I love winter wonderlands around the Holiday’s, but I can’t lie, freezing rain like we had yesterday morning makes me squeamish. Four of my friends/brothers have had accidents the last month, and it’s four too many.  Boo on icy roads!

3. Landon goes in for his first eye exam this week. He was complaining of headaches last week, and due to some other things, we have been ready for one for awhile now. I hope that he doesn’t take after his mommy and daddy and have glasses so young, but I do admit he’d probably look cute in them. Still, fingers crossed we won’t be going back any time soon!

4. Does anyone else get in an organizing rush after the new year? I am so ready to get things organized around here. It’s clean, but parts of it aren’t super “organized” per-say.  I’m finishing up my office this week, as I am just starting to get busy again with sessions and wedding contracts.

5. I put this picture on my personal Facebook page, but so often forget that alot of you read my blog and are not on my personal page (HERE if you want to be!) and yet would still love to see pictures of the kids! So, Miss E after her haircut last week, she’s going to be 4 years old soon, eeks!

6. Spokane Kids Photographer

7. Her hair is finally coming back from the “great hair cutting incident of 2012”. 😉 She still has short pieces, but we’re finely able to blend it a bit better, and her (albeit short) bob is coming back, hurrah! Also, if you wanted to know how I looked at 3 and 3/4’s, there it is, twins! 🙂

8. I should set a goal for my client mommy’s, take one picture of you with your kiddos each month in 2013! Then turn around and take a picture with dad and the kids. You’ll be amazed at how much they grow, just month-by-month, and how precious those pictures are to you next year, and the next, and the next…

9. Landon’s had the flu this past weekend, and then this morning I woke up with a cold and Emma with the flu. I’m done! However, as I was getting Landon in bed the other night, I realized that the last time the kids had the flu was a whole year ago, while we were in the midst of buying our home. Once a year flu or less,I can deal with that! 🙂

10. Have a wonderful week! Stay safe driving!

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  • AmandaJanuary 15, 2013 - 10:23 pm

    Emma’s hair is adorable! She is getting so grown up!ReplyCancel