10 On Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. This week, I’m happy to be back to Tuesday! I had a super busy end of week/weekend last week, and it feels nice to be back in my routine today.

2. Fall is coming! One week till school starts for us. Landon is SO ridiculously excited, and mom is a little apprehensive, ha!

3. Landon & I are doing “school portraits” this week, as a Kindergartner. Even if you don’t end up choosing to have professional portraits taken of your kids going back to school, make sure to snap a cute one of your kiddos on their back to school day! Ah, the memories to look back on.

4. I’ve got some little tiny newborns that should be arriving in the next couple weeks, and I can’t wait to meet them! (and snuggle them. 😉 )

5. I’m almost at 400 “likers” on my Facebook page. Shall we hold a giveaway when I get there?!

6.  I have a new comforter on our bed, so I get to make more throw pillows. Nathan rolls his eyes every time he throws pillows from the couch or any of the beds (the kids or ours) on the floor, because he says I have a pillow infatuation, ha! Nothing like a good throw pillow to make a cheap but amazing change to a room.

7. So this is what I shall be sewing this week: Ruffled Pillow Tutorial

8. I see alot of funny stuff online, but this one on Pinterest really made me laugh. I love it. 🙂


10. Have a very very happy final week of summer!

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