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1. We had such a fun vacation last week! We visited friends in Portland on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday-Sunday we went to Seaside, OR. It was the kids’ first time seeing the beach, and they *loved* it! Emma wasn’t so sure about the ocean at first, but eventually was just like Landon, running in and out of the waves and laughing hysterically. Best.ever.

2. And if you aren’t a fan on my Facebook page:

3. As of right now, my horrible streak of luck continues, and my camera card with nearly all my vacation pictures won’t show up. I have 10 on another card, which is where the one above is from, but for right now I can only see a few. *SIGH*

4. We went to the beach (of course) Landon had his first time on bumper cars, they got to go to the Aquarium, on a shark tour (and get real shark teeth!) and all sorts of fun things. I doubt they’ll remember it, but time spent with just our family was so wonderful and relaxing.

5. Yesterday afternoon/evening I had the absolute pleasure of 2nd shooting a gorgeous wedding at Belle Victorian Gardens with the ever so talented Suwanee Lennon! It was such a pretty summer day, and I can’t wait to show off some shots!

6. I found the greatest BBQ Chicken recipe a few weeks ago, that got high marks from the bachelor guys that were here at the time (Of course it did! Just kidding, guys. 😉 ) so here is the recipe as I can name 3 people of the top of my head who will be asking for it if I don’t post. 😉 CHICKEN MARINADE Let it marinade quite awhile!

7. Landon has been such a big boy lately, so helpful in cleaning up, in (trying to) keeping Emma busy, in running up to me at random times, giving me big hugs and telling me he loves me. I guess with him turning 4 in about a week-and-a-half, I have to realize that my little guy is growing up super quickly! 🙁 No matter how sad it is sometimes that time really does fly by, I love watching him learn and grow, it’s amazing.

8. On that note, Emmalia has most certainly hit terrible two’s. It’s kind of weird watching them go through 2’s and 3’s, and how their emotions etc are. And if you are a parent your nodding your head, and if you’re not you probably think I’m crazy. 😉 We are quite certain though we have the whiniest child in the universe right now, and don’t ever believe people when they try to claim the same. 🙂

9. Thursday through Monday this week I will be on vacation one more time, this time for an annual camping trip over the 4th of July weekend. I will return all calls, emails, inquiries and bookings upon return. Thanks! 🙂

10. Have a happy week and Holiday weekend!



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