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1. Happy Tuesday! I love how many of you come by my blog on Tuesday’s! I just realized today how many of you click on the site to see if the 10-On-Tuesday post is up yet. Thank you! It makes me remember that I’m not just typing to thin air. 😉

2. We are staying so busy over here with projects! Nathan has been working at his parents, & a friend’s dad’s house this week, and I’ve been going to town on our house. The bathroom is painted (hooray!), it was a fun late night project while the kids slept. 🙂 We need baseboard and to hang up the wall decorations and it will be done. On to the next room!

3. Actually, our next big project is the hallway. The most obnoxious, crazy fabric like wallpaper was hanging everywhere. We ripped it all down, and now we are mudding and sanding, mudding and texturing. Nathan loves it. 😉

4. Does anyone have an owl theme for a little girl’s room? I am thinking about going with owl’s for Emma, something she can grow into, and not a Disney character-just something feminine, but not too girly, just like Emma.

5. I found this on Amazon (HERE) and think it’s adorable.  Give me some idea’s if you’ve gone with a theme like this!

6. And, something else fun for kids. If you have picky eater’s that need some fun times to liven up lunch or dinnertime, check these darling plates out, HERE! I love them.

7. Annnd, to go along with that, herein follows on of the best roast/gravy crock pot recipes you’ll find! So very, very easy, and yet so special. We love it over mashed potatoes!

8. Round Steak & Gravy

3lbs round steak, cut in chunks

mix flour, salt and pepper in a bowl &  powder steaks, and put in crock pot.

Add: 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, 2 beef bullion cubes, 1/2 cup water, and 1/2 diced onion.

Cook on low 6hrs, and serve over mashed potatoes.

9. This week I am trying a new recipe for Shrimp Pad Thai, and a copycat recipe from Olive Garden, Toscana Soup. Yum!

10. Don’t forget to start thinking about your summer and fall sessions! I offer an all inclusive mini-session, and dates fill quickly. Have a happy week, friends!

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  • HallieJune 6, 2012 - 1:28 am

    I love that bedding set! I’m pretty sure Target carried it for awhile (or one that looked almost exactly like it) and I debated on going with it for Kate. She has lots of birds in her new room, as well as a few owls. I’ve tried to do the same as what you’re thinking, something sweet and girly that won’t require a huge makeover as she grows. We’ll just pull out and replace a few pieces at a time.ReplyCancel

  • HollyJune 6, 2012 - 1:33 am

    Thanks Hallie! I think I am going to end up making a rag quilt for her out of pinks, greens and yellows. I love how they look, and think it might be alot cheaper, especially if she decides she doesn’t like owls in the future! 😉ReplyCancel