10 On Tuesday – Spokane Family Photography

1. Hey fall and Tuesday and October, how are you all?! I’m loving the fall colors, so, so beautiful! The family shots lately have been so fun with all these great colors. (even though it is just a tad windy today 😉 )

2. If you know someone expecting a baby, who is early in their pregnancy, please have them sign up for my newsletter! (Sign up HERE) I have something really fun coming up for them…can’t wait to share it!

3. Tytan Productions has a film coming out about linemen, apprentices and their families. You can check it out HERE, and if you don’t follow my blog, it’s my husband’s career! Before he started this line of work, I didn’t think alot about what linemen and different kinds of workers did. I guess I didn’t feel like it affected me, and my life, you know?  There are so many jobs that are such high risk, and very huge impact jobs on how we live our lives (who wants to go without power?!) but very unknown until you’re out of power and need someone to hassle, ha! Thank you to all the behind the scenes folks that work their behind’s off on jobs that make our lives easier. You all rock, lineman or not!

4. I’ve got some little babies I have the pleasure of photographing this winter, and I can’t stop buying new props for them, ha! A baby girl, due in a few weeks, will have her pick of darling headbands to try on. 🙂 Boys are harder, but I have little bow ties, ah! Love me some newborn baby stuff.

5. And, since it’s fall, a schedule update. I have one more newborn session available  in November, and then one maternity and/or newborn session available in December. In November, my schedule will also open for the first few months of 2013. Thank you!

5. We got a Kindle Fire this week, and I am having fun finding so many great learning apps for the kids! The newest Fire’s have camera’s on them, so we can Skype with daddy all the time too, which is pure awesomeness. We are blessed!

6. Are you all Christmas shopping yet? I am slowly, but surely trying to make my way down the list. A goal for today is to make a master list. We draw names on each side of the family, but that still leaves me over 14 people to buy for (that includes friends) and then we do little gifts for some special families we know. I was talking to Landon about it the other day, and why we do presents. It’s so much fun to have him share the joy (and secrets!) now of  special gifts for those we love.

7. I’ve seen this floating around Facebook the last few days, and LOVE it. Images of “24 Grooms Blown Away by their Beautiful Brides.”  Click HERE for the full article. So sweet!

8. This has been around as well, and always makes me smile, it’s so true! October is our wildest month, by far. Credit goes to Katie Cawood Photography, give her some love!


10. A family session on Thursday and engagement on Saturday this week, stay close by for the sneak peeks. Enjoy your day!

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