10 On Tuesday! – Spokane Family Photographer

1. Ah, nothing says spring like all the inquiries coming in for spring portraits, I love it! Also, you all are fabulous at planning ahead, even better then I am! 😀

2. If you have a little one, with a birthday coming up this year (which is every one of you! 😀 ) you’re definitely gonna want to make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, and a special coming out next Monday… Sign up HERE! And, as always, refer a friend to me this year, and receive $50 off your next session!

3. Elonna’s growing like a little weed, just like her big brother and sister! Landon had pants on that fit perfectly last week, and they’re high waters on him this week! Slow down kiddos!

4. She’s also my first baby to like tummy time. 🙂 (And Nathan calls her our “pirate baby” because half the time she closes one eye and looks at us, almost like she’s doing in this picture…little pirate. 😉 )

Spokane Baby Photographer

5. Don’t forget my giveaway going on now, from the fabulous Etsy shop, IvyByDesign! Enter HERE to win a sterling silver necklace…

6. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that lost family and friends in the horrific mudslide here in Washington last week, or waiting for news on missing family members, and to those families who are missing loved ones in the Flight 370 tragedy. My heart breaks, I always imagine if any of my friends or loved ones where missing in one of those situations and it’s an awful, awful feeling.

7. I swear I am SO sorry to do this to you guys, but check out THIS RECIPE, and make it. And then curse me for eating the whole pan. SO.GOOD. Said I was sorry! 😉 Next I’m gonna try her Reese’s Rice Krispies recipe…

8. As some of you know, we’re homeschooling, and I can’t believe the year is almost done! Landon did/is doing so smashingly well in first grade, I’m very proud of him, and how well he learns. He LOVES math. 🙂 And how is my baby almost a 2nd grader? Boo.

9. And, because I missed posting this on March 1st…

What to Wear Photography

10. Have an absolutely wonderful Tuesday!!

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