10 On Tuesday – Spokane Family Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! I think last week was a style guide, so how is everyone since it’s been a bit? Hope you all had wonderful spring breaks!

2. The kids have been loving playing outside in the sunshine, especially when it was so dang nice last week. Hello 60’s! They ride their bikes so much now, up and down the road in front of our house, for hours on end. Ok, more like for 30 minutes before they come inside asking for something, but it is cute to watch. They’re pretty funny.

3. And, as you can tell by this next shot, we’ve decided a bike is in order for E’s 4th birthday next month. 😉 Also, she LOVES picking what she gets to wear each day, and who is going to stop her from wearing that silly/darling/crazy outfit?! Not me!

4. Family Photography in Spokane


5. Emma kept whining as she was riding her bike because she would pedal two or three times, and then her bike would slide backward when she stopped. “My motor is broke, mama! My motor won’t go!” It took quite a bit of talking to convince her that SHE is the motor, but she finally went with it, and pedals all over now, ha!

6. You guys are amazing! I posted about maternity-mini’s at a very special price, and booked all of them in just a few hours. Thank you! I can’t wait to meet all you beautiful mom’s this spring!

7. And with that scheduling note, I’m booked out to the end of May. Please contact me if you would like my last slot in May, or wish for a June/July/August session. Thank you!

8.  So, with our “spring break” last week, we painted our house. The *entire* outside. I went into Lowe’s for extra paint a few times (read, alot of times!) and they kept saying, “Oh wow, are you painting a big room? How is that bathroom coming along?” When I told them it was the exterior, they would say, “Oh, you must have a small house!” Ha, no, but at this one moment, I kinda wish we did! SO glad we are almost done. Yesterday I cleaned out the garage and the tool room, we have our fire pit set up outside, (we do tons of fire-pit fires in the summer with our friends!) and our covered patio is almost completed, with the hanging flowers planted and humming bird feeders up. Hooray!

9. And for those not on my personal Facebook, a picture! I am excited to show you one of the garage side, as soon as we take a trip to the dump. It looks amazing.


10. And I’m off! Have a lovely Tuesday, and a happy week!

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