10 On Tuesday – Spokane Baby Photography

1. Hey! Hope everyone had a nice start to their week. Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes so many of you sent me yesterday! We had a day at home and a fun evening with most of my family.

2. I’ve been getting so much stuff accomplished lately, it feels great! I am on a roll, and I love it. Spring (or rather, the hope of Spring!) always gets me running with organization of everything.

3. Speaking of which, does anyone have a recommendation for a good outdoor house painter? We need one, this spring the house is getting a new look, yay! I bet the neighbor’s that are trying to sell their house are happy too… 😉

4. Something that goes along with that-I’ve been searching for a good chimney cleaning company, and must put in a word for how wonderful it is when other’s review a company, and how awesome Google+ reviews are! It helps so much to know what other’s think about a company, and to have a good idea for a cost estimate, instead of having to call fifteen thousand companies. Love those reviews, and kudos to those who do reviews on companies! I need to get better at that.

5. Now booking spring and summer sessions!  If you just have a general idea of the month you want, or you are interested in more details, please let me know, and we can decide on the exact date as we get closer. I got busy enough last year that I had to turn some clients down, and I HATE to do that!

6. I haven’t posted pictures of the kiddos in awhile, they are getting SO big, SO fast. I can’t believe how old they’re going to be in a few months, and the rate at which this is flying by for me is almost scary! L is super tall for his age, he’s already past my waist, and he won’t.stop.growing. Haha!

7. Professional Kids Photographs in Spokane


8. I like to do holiday/seasonal crafts with those little munchkins, and, of course (!!!), love finding ideas on Pinterest. We made some sweet little butterfly valentines we sent to their papa, who is working out of the country right now, and Emma had so much fun with them. Landon preferred coloring his Avenger’s picture. 😉 They also made Valentine’s for all their friends, and we’re going to have a Valentine themed dinner/dessert that night. I can’t believe how fast this year is moving already.

9. And, in case anyone is interested in trying those pretty Martha Stewert Crayon Hearts that you can find HERE, we tried them a few years ago with friends, and they work great! SO cute.

10. And I’m off to get more work done. Enjoy the first week of February!

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