10 On Tuesday – Holly Clouse Photography

1. Did you all have a Happy Thanksgiving? Ours was fun, we had my family over, and enjoyed getting to spend time with them. We got our Christmas tree over the weekend, and decorated the house! I love the holiday’s.

2. Anyone else having trouble getting into the swing of things? I have wedding contracts to prep, some busy work, and a 3-month session on Thursday, the need to clean out my office, and I’m dragging. More coffee, stat!

3. Our elf made his first appearance! His name is Jack, and the kids’ job is to clean up the mess he makes every morning, and remind him that God loves him and wants to be good. Landon has taken to it right away, they are best buddies, but Emmalia is a little confused. She laughs at his antics, but besides that does not have much to do with him! Landon put him “to sleep” under the Christmas tree last night, and he climbed the tree and knocked down half the ornaments! Landon had to pick them all up. 😉

4. Landon even asked for a picture with Jack!

5. P.S. He’s the stuffed version due to how loved I thought he would be (yes) and how worried I was that Emma might chuck him across the room (another yes.)!


6. Did you find any amazing Black Friday deals? Or Black Thursday, rather, they started so early this year! My best friend & I went out Thanksgiving night, stood in line for 40 minutes, and had a great time together, as always. I found some awesome gift deals on Amazon’s Lightning Deals, and now, finally, I am almost done with Christmas shopping! I have the three hardest left, my dad and two brother-in-laws.

7. Oh, and Emma! Does anyone have any fabulous idea’s for a 3 1/2 year old? She loves her little lacing toys (like THIS ONE), but there are only so many a girl can have! She loves Princesses, but doesn’t play with them for very long. Same with her doll and little kitchen, they just kind of sit there. Maybe it’s the age?

8. Nathan goes in today for the start of his physical therapy with his carpal tunnel, and things aren’t looking so hot right now. Every time I hear the dreaded word “surgery” I cringe, but the dr seems to think he will recover quickly, if he does indeed have to undergo it. They will probably make a decision in 4 weeks. Still thinking lots of happy thoughts that the physical therapy will help!

9. If you have not gotten your Christmas cards ordered yet, send me an email or leave me a comment, and I can send you the link to my vendor that produces some gorgeous cards! I have probably have a discount code for you right now as well.

10. Have a wonderful week! I’m off to sort through my office, and make it look normal again! 🙂

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