10 On Tuesday | Holly Clouse Photography

1.Here’s to a new week! Did everyone have a good weekend? We had fun getting away for the weekend, with gorgeous weather. Love it!

2. The downside was I busted up my arm somehow, it’s painful, and the best guess is my ac joint separated. (kinda like a dislocated collar bone, only you can’t do much for it.) Here’s to painkillers, wearing a sling, and rest!

3. And a huge thanks to my best friend Rachel, who spent the day with me yesterday, helping with the kids and house stuff. I love you!

4. I figure this gives me lots of time to finally edit all those pictures I have of my own kids from the last 6 months or so. Vacation pictures to come soon, but for now, Emma and I!

5. And I have more photo bombs from this weekend by that cute little girly. What a ham!

6. I’ll also try to update the galleries on my website this week, as it is painfully in need of it, and I have so many gorgeous families that need to be shown off!

7. The wildfires are getting too close to home for me. The brush fire that closed SFCC yesterday was very close, and now the Taylor Bridge Wildfire near Cle Elum have evacuated some business I know. Praying for safety and quick results!

8. Do you have favorite games to play with your kids at preschool/kindergarten ages? We have Hi Ho Cherrio, which they LOVE, and some friends & I taught Landon how to play War this weekend, and he loves that now too.  Chutes and Ladders lasted about one day, before it was destroyed (we need a game closet) so I plan on getting them THIS cute super hero edition when fall and inside play begins again. So, beside the last classic I can think of, Candyland, any other not well known about board games that you just love?

9. And with that fall note (I am ready for fall!!) I have two session openings left in September (only one is a weekend), one session left in October, and two in November. November weather is usually best for indoor sessions in your home, although we occasionally get a warm enough day and can swing it. I plan on taking all of December off. Keep my schedule in mind when thinking about fall portraits, it’s time to find a date!

10. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer before school starts!

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