10 On Tuesday | Holly Clouse Photography

1. For some reason whenever I type out the title I accidentally type 10 ON Tuesday. Every week. I might just be tired, but I found it a little amusing. 😉

2. Nathan got called out for a job in Oregon yesterday, and left around 3. It’s always odd getting back into the “swing of things” without him around, especially when we have been working on the house so constantly and so consistently. Wait! I have a gazillion jobs around here that aren’t quite finished! 🙂

3. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, Landon had a fun time on Sunday turning 5. I can’t believe he’s that old. I gulp every time I answer someone with, ” I have a 5 and a 3 year old.”


5. It was 99 on Sunday, and my in-laws don’t have air conditioning, so I bought the kids a bunch of popsicles, and they where a very sticky, but very happy bunch for the afternoon.


7. Speaking of popsicles, alot of people find my blog by searching “Lightning McQueen popsicles.” Is there such a thing? And if there is, why are they Google-ing for them? Can you make them? I always wonder this stuff. Go ahead, Google it. You’ll find me right away. 😉

8.   And speaking of air conditioning, does anyone else not have it? Ours isn’t working right now (fingers crossed it will be on Thursday!) and it’s been HOT. We can go back to 80 degrees now, pleaseandthankyou. 😉

9. Any great ways to stay cool? The free movies once a week for the kids are fun, and we have a little pool in the backyard the kids are in all.the.time. And I threaten friends that I am coming to sleep at their house at night, so I can actually fall asleep. 😉

10. Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay cool, and safe!

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