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1. I simply cannot start off my 10 on Tuesday this week, without noting what happened in Connecticut last week. As a human being, I was so grieved by what happened, but as a mom of a child the same age, my heart shatters for those families. My mind cannot fathom the evil in this world, and it made me aware, once again, of what a precious, fleeting gift this life is. My prayers and many, many thoughts, each and every day since, are with each each family that lost a loved one, this past Friday.

2. There are many, many ways you can help the families right now, but here is another way: One, my sister, the owner of Distinctly Ivy, is working with Emily Goodwin of Mommy Made Green, to send each victims family a remembrance necklace. Find out more about how you can help HERE.

3. Merry Almost Christmas! I won’t have a 10 on Tuesday post next week due to it being Christmas, so I’ll take the chance before everyone gets busy to wish you all the Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Year’s! I am so blessed by all of you, and excited about all the fun things 2013 holds for my business.

4. We celebrated Christmas yesterday with one of my best friends, we exchanged presents, and made cookies and gingerbread houses. We finished off the evening by watching a Christmas movie and loving being together.

5. And, one of my gifts from Rachel was Bloom, by Kelle Hampton. I’ve read about halfway through already, (I was up half the night 😉 ) and highly recommend it so far. I am mesmerized by her writing and her story of her sweet baby girl, born with Down Syndrome, which was a surprise to Kelle and her husband. You can also read more about their story on her blog, HERE.

6. I was involved in Secret Santa exchange this year with some amazing women that I met online in 2012. We are all so unique, but untied in that our husband’s are all linemen, and though we support each other in so many ways, we really feel the joys and trials of this career. Anyway, my gift came today, and my SSS (thank you Tonya!) was so sweet, in that I have a brand new coffee mug, and all sorts of yummy coffee goodies now!

7.  I’m currently booking for Jan/Feb/March/April 2013! Give me a call or send me a message (holly@hollyclousephotography.com) to get on the books!

8.Landon was a wonderful little towns person in the church play on Sunday! He did great saying his lines, and pronouncing “Probably not” like “Pwobobalby not!” which got some laughs. He was pretty proud to be up there, and one of my friends told me afterwards that while I was busy helping the little ones get placed, he was up there waving at me. 🙂 Emmalia, however, will go down in the record books as bailing on us at the last possible second. She was a sheep, and as I got the other kiddos into place on the stage, she froze, shook her head no, and whipped her costume off. She was a cute sheep while it lasted. 🙂

9. Tonight we’re having Christmas with another auntie/best friend (spoiled!) and making these cookies, Peppermint Meltaways. I have a similar recipe, called Lemon Meltaways, that are absolutely delicious, so I can imagine that a peppermint version is equal as good!

10. Have a very, very Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your time off of work and school with family and friends!

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