10 On Tuesday – Holly Clouse Photography

1. Happy Tuesday! I made it in before midnight, so a few hours to spare today. 🙂

2. I haven’t been feeling good the last week, and this morning I felt awful. (thus the late post!) I am doing better this evening though, and am grateful for two little kiddos that have patience with me when I just want to lay around all day.

3. Their patience, however, is wearing quite thin when it comes to Christmas! That magical date seems so.far.off. Every morning the countdown is on for how many days are left, and what presents we need to wrap for family and friends. Since the kids are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 now, this Christmas time has been our most fun yet. They understand it, and impatiently wait for it. Magical!

4. AND, waiting for the snow tomorrow morning! Did you see our storm watch that has started? Nothing falling at my house quite yet…

5. If you still need a “last minute” gift, I have gift certificates! Please contact me if you would like to gift a session to a family or friend! They work great for baby shower’s as well!

6. Another amazing gift, I found this website this morning and think it is SO neat. Give Jewelry creates bracelets, and, from their website, with each bracelet purchase you make, the proceeds provide a week of food for a child in need in orphanages through Indonesia. I think it’s a wonderful cause, and they have some gorgeous bracelets on their website!

7. Did I mention that the kids’ Christmas program is coming up soon?! Landon has a few small speaking parts, and Emma is a sheep! 🙂 I have a feeling she might chicken out in the end, but I haven’t told her I think that (HA) so hopefully she will be so thrilled at being a sheep (she’s usually pretending to be a kitty around the house) that she’ll not even think about being on a stage!

8. I have some fun specials going on right now for maternity & newborn shoots, along with my Grow Baby! Plan. Please contact me quickly if you would like a January/February/March/April 2013 session! Remember, I’ll send a $50 gift certificate your way for sending friends or family my way!

9. Last call, tonight Snapfish’s 50% off of photo books ends! I plan on working to finish up mine, the third year of my blog! I look forward to working on a yearly photo book the end of each year, and am currently only about 3 years behind. 😉

10. Have a happy week! Be safe driving to work tomorrow morning!

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