10 On Tuesday

1. Happy Tuesday! Per usual, better late then never! Quickest one ever, and go.

2. Hooray for some cooler weather! I am officially ready for my favorite season. 🙂

3. Landon asked this morning, “Mom, where did the sun go?! Can we turn it back on?”

4. Our garden is a happy mess, growing like crazy, with the weeds right along side it! We have more cucumbers then I know what to do with, and lots of lettuce, peas and carrots. I can’t wait till my sunflowers start blooming, so that I can make huge bouquets with them, and share them with the neighbor’s.

5. I went with some friends on Sunday to watch the Bourne Legacy, and liked it! That is quite the feat for me. 🙂 We don’t see that many movies, so for me to want to see one and find the time to go, really is amazing. Or Jeremy Renner is. Either one. Ha! 😉

6. My shoulder is still hurting, and it is killing me not to be jogging. I have issues holding still. Any ideas for me, or favorite low intensity workouts, like Pilates?

7. Since many of you were so kind to share favorite unique games for kids from last week’s post, I’ll share that I found Old Maid and Go Fish for $1 this past week. The card playing bug has bit Landon (Nathan’s family is full of  intense card player’s!) so Landon and I play all the time now.

8. For one of my random thoughts of the week, I saw that Avril Lavigne got engaged, and got a 14-caret diamond ring. I, of course, googled that, and Mariah Carey has a 14-caret ring as well, which cost $16 million. MILLION. It seems so excessive to me. People say it all that time, but there truly are starving children in our world. To each their own, I suppose, but wow. It boggles my mind.

9.  Latest update, one session left open in September, and 2 in November. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it so, so much. 🙂

10. Have a great week!

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