10 On Tuesday – Spokane Newborn Photographer

1. I’m baaaaack!!! I have no less then four drafts (*hides head*) of blog posts, as I keep meaning to give you all an update, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Oops!

2. For those who don’t know, Elonna Marie was born February 15th (she’s a month old already, eeks!) at 4:21pm, weighing 6lb 4oz and 19.5 in long. She’s a doll, so sweet, and such a blessing to our family! One of the nurses at the hospital told me that their third baby was just like a missing puzzle piece they added to the family, like he was meant to be there the whole time from the day he came home. I totally know what she means, Ellie just fits, and I love having three kids!

3. I did get pretty sick with some infections after she was born, which was hard. I’m SO grateful Nathan is home, it made that part much, much easier.

4. Bless our sweet nurse, Audrey, who tried to work my complicated camera and get a picture of Nathan & I with our newest sweetie. Us both being in the picture is what matters most to me. 😉


5. And one of my favorite pictures from the hospital, Uncle Michael and Daddy discussing all of Elonna’s details, while I watch from across the room in bed, and then their view of her. 🙂

6. WEB4

7. I’m always asked about how the kids are adjusting, and the answer is splendidly. As I mentioned with Ellie fitting into the family so well, they took to her immediately. Emmalia is a second mommy, hugging  her, giving me burp clothes, and running in to find her every morning. Landon wants to hold her lots, talks to her lots, and her nickname from them is, “Little Sis”. Pretty sweet!

8. I’m back to work part time, with the Etsy shops I photograph for, and paper work and booking clients! I feel like I’m settling into a great routine again, punctuated with lots of baby feedings. 🙂

9. With that, I am booking again! I have one slot left in April, and 2 in May and June! Please contact me if you are interested in booking a session this spring, and if you have a newborn on the way, contact me ASAP!

10. And I’m off to more baby snuggles! Have a lovely, sunny Tuesday, and thank you all for your sweet thoughts and comments and love. All are so appreciated!

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