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“It’s the one thing I just can’t seem to do!” She lamented, watching me cradle her new baby boy. “I never thought I’d be that mom, but I am.” “Well, I think you look amazing, and I think you should!” I responded. “Most mom’s that don’t regret it later…” “No!” She said with a laugh. “Thank you, though. We have to get a picture of daddy with him though, we can’t miss that!” And so we did, gorgeous pictures of daddy with his new baby boy, with mom standing just outside the frame, absolutely beaming with love.

We mom’s aren’t big fans of cameras. They don’t seem to treat us right. We look to fat, too tired, too frumpy, too squinty, too silly. We’re our biggest critics, and without a doubt, I can tell you that in my nearly five years in business, the top person who is worried about family pictures is mom. She wants them, and she desires beautiful images of herself and her family together, but she criticizes herself to the bitter end. So momma’s, this one’s for you.

1. You’re beautiful to your family.

I think you’re beautiful, but if you can’t believe that, know that you’re beautiful to your family. Your kids or grand kids (or both!) think you’re amazing, and your hubby would love you in a burlap sack. In addition, the most beautiful you is in a picture, with your whole family surrounding you. Seeing the love in your child’s eyes when they look at you should make you believe it, if you just can’t quite get there. You.Are.Beautiful. There is no one they love more, no matter if you’re a young mama with babies surrounding you, or a older mama, with grand kids surrounding you. You’re one of the crucial elements that holds a family together, one who loves and serves and delights in your family, and all they can see is your beauty, not your flaws.

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2. You’re going to regret it.

Want to know what the second thing I hear most from mom’s is, right after how much they usually hate how they look in pictures? That they regret they aren’t in more pictures with their families. The mom’s that just had dad in the newborn pictures always want in on it for the six month pictures, because they realize that now, it doesn’t matter if they looked tired, or not their best, they just wish they where in the pictures. Time flies, we all know that. And someday, you’ll regret that you didn’t get in the picture too, that the kids don’t have many to choose from with you in it for their graduation slideshow, or for a wedding gift of the same pose 20 years later. You’ll regret not being able to show your kids how you looked when you where a brand new mom, and you’ll regret it when you see a friend’s picture with their kiddos.

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3. It’s my job to make you look amazing.

One of the things about being a professional photographer is helping your clients to look fabulous. I have tricks up my sleeve not just to get your kiddos to smile, or to get that perfect family image, but to flatter you, mom. Part of my job is to make you look the amazing, so that you cherish those images for years to come. I don’t want you to think you look fake, I want you to look at your images and think, “I look like the best version of myself!” If you mention that you hate pictures of yourself, or you don’t feel comfortable, I also have tricks up my sleeve for showing off the best of you. I want you to be amazed by yourself, in your images. You deserve it.

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4. Time if flying by at warp speed.

Pictures with your kids isn’t just a “once-every-ten-years” thing. You should be in at least one professional picture with your kids every year or two. Why? Because even if you aren’t changing that much, they are. And you want them to remember that you where present in their life at each of the big occasions. Know what else? It doesn’t cost any extra to jump in a picture with your child. Birthday session for your one-year-old? Jump in at the end when he has cake smashed all over his face, so you can tell him you were there egging him on. Summer portraits with your girlies? Let’s get you into one picture with them mom, so you have something to frame for your desk at work. It will become one of your most treasured portraits, I promise.


5. I’ll gift you with a session.

My gift to you for taking these words to heart and making yourself jump into images with your family? I’ll give you a free mini-session. No session fee, you just have to pay for prints or digital images after your session. Hate the images of yourself? You don’t have to buy them! But love the images of you with your beautiful family? Buy some prints or digital images after your session, and blow them up huge on your wall, or put them all over your desk at work. And marvel at beautiful you, with your sweet babies or your handsome hubby. My only caveat to this is that the session *must* focus on YOU with your family. It’s not for your kids, and you just jump in on one picture at the end…this one is a go get your hair done, buy a new outfit, pictures for your hubby’s desk, the world revolves around momma, session. Contact me at, tell me you read my post, and we’ll get you on the books, or book it for your wife, or for a grandma. Good now to Mother’s Day 2014 (May 11th!)

You’re amazing mom’s, and you’re beautiful. Never forget it.

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