Spokane Photographer – 10 On Tuesday

1. This will be quick (at least for me, you’ll read it at the same pace, ha!) because we have another house showing today, so we have to be out of the house in t-minues 10 minutes and counting…

2. I will say that an upside to selling your house while in it is that it’s always immaculate. The kids seem to have caught on that they don’t want to be scurrying around with me picking things up when someone calls arriving in an hour, so we keep it clean, and play outside alot. ALOT. 😉

3. Yesterday I took a picture to commemorate one year later…I can’t believe we’ve known about Elonna for year now! What a treasure she is.

4.Spokane_Photographer5. Any big plans for the Fourth of July? And where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s already July, the weather hasn’t even felt like summer that much to me. Anyone else feel the same?

6. And with that, I have one week left with a 6-year-old, Landon’s birthday is a week from today! He is counting down…oh my, is he ever counting down. He’s hoping for a bow and arrow (eek), handcuffs (gulp) and a double barrel squirt gun. (AH.) This kid has plans, y’all.

7. Did everyone have fun at Hoopfest?! We avoided it this year due to us being sick, work, and an open house. I was at Yokes Sunday evening, and the cashier asked the family in front of me if they had spent the weekend at Hoopfest. The dad replied, “No way! We don’t do crowds that big. Ugh.” and with the news reporting 200,000 plus folks down there (bigger than the city of Spokane!) I can completely relate to those feelings.

8. If you have a girl (or you could adapt for your little guy!) check out this fun ‘Mother Daughter Bucket List’ by Susan Merrill! I plan on implementing some very soon…

9. I booking into October! Contact me for a fall session, my prime month for amazing colors, and by far my busiest for that very reason!

10. Annnnnd,  I’m out. Have a fabulous week everyone, and a very Happy Fourth of July!

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