10 On Tuesday – Spokane Portrait Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! We’re still booking over here like crazy, I get a few phone calls every day from families! If you are a family that can swing a weekday, as alot of you have been able to, I’ll happily find a spot for you, contact me anytime, HERE!

2. We’re also undergoing a huge kitchen remodel here! Back splash, counter tops, and appliances are all being or have been redone, along with paint touch ups. And today, it’s outdoor carpet on our covered deck, which looks SO much better then what it was left with. Hooray!

3. I’ve got some little newborns coming up this winter, so I’ll get my snuggly baby fix before ours comes…and get my baby hat shopping fix! SO many cute hats on Etsy, and so many talented sellers!

4. P.S. If you’re expecting a cutie, keep your eye on my site. 🙂

5. Landon’s so fun, he is SO excited about our new baby. He follows me around constantly so he can feel her kicking (to say she’s rambunctious is an understatement!) and I tease him about just loving me for the baby! It’s awfully sweet though, and I can’t believe we were waiting for him 7 years ago. Time *flies*.

6. I listen to lots of music late at night while I work, and I’m currently obsessed with “Let Her Go” by Passenger! Link HERE.

7. Ready for Thanksgiving? Ready for Black Friday?! I’m happily staying home this year, cozy with coffee, a movie, pj’s and Amazon! I love their Lighting Deals every year, but totally give props to all of you hitting the stores, and getting the fab deals. I hate the crowds, but I do love doing it with friends, it’s fun! Except for the one year, my best friend & I got stuck in the new cashier’s line…. 😉

8. On the lookout for a new cookie recipe? These Oatmeal Peppermint Dipped Cookies are delicious!!! Recipe HERE, but I’m warning you now, they’re addicting!

9. Any fabulous Christmas movie ideas for kids, that aren’t super well known? We’re starting a new tradition over here (more on that next week!) and a new Christmas movie is involved! For the record, Prep and Landing is SO cute if you have little ones! I’m hoping to find another similar to it…

10. Hope it’s a lovely, lovely week! Enjoy the sunshine, lots of sneak peeks coming this weekend!

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