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I admit it. I don’t hate Monday’s. I don’t adore, love, or jump for joy on Monday’s. (ok, maybe some Monday’s 😉 ) but I can’t abhor them along with the rest of the world either. Monday’s are, to my over-organized self, a balm to the soul. I love weekends. I love Friday’s leading up to the weekend. But Monday’s are organize day. Monday’s are the same routine every week, the only day of the week that 99.9% off the time, I do the exact.same.thing. I get groceries. I go to the bank. I come home and vacuum, make appointments, and return emails. And in the summer, spring and fall, we go outside and play and do yard work in the afternoon/evening, or I have a session while Nathan has a bible study with an (awesome) group of guys. Every Monday. Like clockwork. Very rarely do we deviate from that plan. Monday mornings when Landon wakes up he says, “Mommy, it’s grocery day! And then we get to go get stickers at the bank! And then we get to go outside!”

Now, we do go outside other days. And we do have to make a second run to the grocery store later in the week sometimes. But, really, Monday’s are where it’s at. A fresh new week, fresh ideas,  exciting adventures, happy faces ready for a new day. Monday get’s to me once in awhile, but it never gets me down. I like Monday’s.

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  • Jennifer MilesJuly 26, 2010 - 12:23 pm

    I like this! And I like you. 🙂 And I have to admit, I kinda like Mondays too. 😉ReplyCancel