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This morning, I am thrilled to welcome to the blog one of my client’s, Amanda, of the blog ‘Pinterest and the Pauper,’ a blog about all things Pinterest! Read below to find out more about Amanda, her family, and her super fun projects!
Tell us about yourself!
1) My name is Amanda, and me and my little family are from Las Vegas, NV. I was born and raised there, and I am absolutely a desert rat! I met my husband in my 2nd year of college and we got married in Sept of 1999. We have 2 beautiful and spirited kiddos, Emma and Owen. We moved to Spokane, WA a year and a half ago and LOVE it! Still adjusting to the cooler temps, but we love the green outdoors, 4 seasons, and friends we have made. The kids love the parks and outdoor life!
 Tell us something funny or embarrassing!
2) In high school my nick name was A-Man-Duh! How annoying right? Sometimes they would change it to A-Man-da-hug and kiss. Oh teenagers! I also NEVER told anyone my middle name for fear of it. My full name is Amanda Gaye, named after my Mom’s sister and Grandma. Kids are cruel, but now as an adult, I am proud to be named after people my mom adored and loved. Family really is everything!
Tell us about your blog!
3) Pinterest and the Pauper is my outlet. It is my therapy. I originally started placing my projects that I attempted on my personal family blog, but soon realized anyone could see them. I didn’t really mind, but felt that my family should be left to family and friends. So I started a blog on Tumblr called Midnight Momma ( Named after the fact that projects in my house get finished during the only time I have… at midnight!  But Tumblr and I did not agree for some reason. It never really worked right.  So over the Fall, I started Pinterest and the Pauper back on blogger(, with wonderful reception. I thank my friend Lisa for the name. She brainstormed with me!
Tell us why you started your blog!
4) There is a quote that says, ” Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself,”  and it wasn’t until recently that I really understood that.  I love all things creative and find myself delighted by photography and art, novels and poems, recipes and  desserts, and things as simple as a new shade of lipstick or pair of jeans. So naturally, Pinterest swept me off my feet and we had a lovely love affair! One particular day, I was perusing my Pins and realized my boards were full of these wonderful ideas and projects I really wanted to try, but all of them unfulfilled. None of the outfits were in my closet. None of the projects stood in my home. None of the food had been tested or tried. This relationship was feeling very one sided. So I decided then and there to stop staring at all the pretty pins and start using them! Thus, Pinterest and the Pauper was born. Once a week I pick a project on a board that I’d like to try and do it.  And of course affordability is a must!  Pinterest for those of us on a budget. A big thank you to all those who have stopped by to check it out!
Tell us about your favorite project so far.
4) My favorite and most popular project is the entertainment cabinet I got from Goodwill. It was this laminate TV stand from the 70’s, but I saw its potential and fine lines. Plus it was only $20! I brought it home, took off all the hardware, and painted it. Now it sits proudly in my dining area, fully re-purposed! Cost me a total of $40 for the cabinet and the supplies. That’s a win win right there!
Tell us about your least favorite or hardest project so far.
5) The biggest pain of them all was my dining room table. It was my first major project EVER. I had no idea what I was doing, and I learned a few lessons along the way. It was a painting project with no sanding, but the effort was still much more than I anticipated.  It was a large project with many pieces and large surface area. Lots of paint and time. Still not long or back breaking by comparison, but you get ideas of how things should go, ya know? And I was trying to keep it affordable, but it slowly leaked the budget a bit more than I had thought. I do love the table and it sits in front of my cabinet!
Thank you so much, Amanda! Make sure you go check out her blog and Facebook, and leave her some love! 🙂
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