Small Business Friday – Krista Browning

Happy Friday! Today we welcome Krista of Krista Browning Photography to the blog. I love her story and her sweet heart. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Krista Browning.  I am married to my best friend, Billy.  My husband and I grew up in the same small town and attended the same schools since 6th grade.  We knew each other, but never dated…….until we ʻmetʼ again at our 10 year high school reunion.  We were married 7 months later!!  We have 3 beautiful girls, McKenna (9) and Riley (3) and Jessica, who would be 5, is in heaven, healed and perfect.

2. Tell us something most people don’t know about you!
I walk around manhole covers and drainage grates, weird I know, but I am sure there is a phobia for that!

3. What are your favorite movies or books?
I love the Harry Potter Series, yes I read all the books AND saw the movies!  A couple other favorite movies are the Bourne series, Invincible, Rudy, and OʼBrother Where Art Thou (donʼt laugh)!

4.What are your favorite foods or drinks?
I love chocolate and good coffee, hot or iced!  As far as food, well,  Iʼve always said ʻI havenʼt met a food I didnʼt like!!ʼ

5.What does your typical day look like?
I shuttle my oldest back and forth to school, and then there is violin and now volleyball.  My 3 year old, Riley is home with me, for now, so I work around her and her nap schedule.  I try to accomplish the most tedious tasks while she is napping, returning phone calls, editing, and emails.  I usually schedule shoots in the evening or weekends when my husband can be home with the kids.  We are very active in our church and I lend my ‘talents’ where I can for various projects.

6. Tell us your business name, and give us all and any link so your website/blog/social media.
Krista Browning Photography

7. Give us a brief description of the business, and how long have you been in business.
Almost 3 1/2 years ago, when I was home on maternity leave after having our third child, my love of photography was reignited. My interest was always in landscape, and after losing our daughter, I realized how precious portraiture was.  I found my place as a natural light portrait photographer, satisfying my love of photographing both people and landscape.  I began building my portfolio and then, when people kept wanting to pay me, I decided to declare it an official business and Krista Browning Photography began!I shoot seniors, and children and families mostly, but dabble in Engagement and Wedding photography as well.

8.What do you love most about having a small business?
I love the flexibility that owning a small business affords me.  I am able to stay home with our youngest until she starts preschool next year.  The hardest thing is balancing it all.  The demands of owning a small business can be demanding, but, I like competition and challenge…..remember?

9.What is the hardest part about having a small business?
I have come to realize that the hardest thing about owning a small business is ʻthe businessʼ.  Itʼs more than just getting a business license.  Pricing, taxes, marketing, and accounting are just a few of the aspects a small business owner must be well versed in.There is definitely a learning curve, and I think I am on the upswing!!

10. What is your biggest inspirations? (other photographers, the outdoors, family etc!).

I am definitely inspired by the natural beauty God gave us and the beautiful people he made it for.  I have been inspired by other photographers as well.  Being a lover of landscapes, the first photographers work I noticed was Ansel Adams.  In recent years I have been inspired by photographers such as Dede Edwards, a wedding and destination photographer from the panhandle of Florida and a former high school class mate.  I have also been inspired by Kristen Duke, a lifestyle blogger and photographer and Jasmine Star, whose photography is amazing as well as how quickly she became an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer.

11.Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Every year I expect that my business will grow to the next level.  The thing that is amazing about this journey of owning my own photography business, is that I can make it what I want it to be.  The sky is the limit!!  I am not sure exactly what that entails, but I canʼt wait to find out.  I look forward to continuing to master my craft and stretch myself and creativity as a photographer and a person.  It is my hope that my business will be successful and that I can give back in ways that will impact my community and will give glory to God, whom I am most grateful to for all that I have been given.


Thank you so much, Krista, I enjoyed getting to know you better!

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