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Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving weekend, and a fun Black Friday yesterday! Don’t forget today is Small Business Saturday, support a local small business!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! (name, husband, kiddos, business name etc.)

Hi there! My name is Jennifer of Jennifer Gulley Photography. I’m a newlywed (married over a year and a half…that still counts as a newlywed, right?!) living in the northern Virginia area with my oh so handsome husband and lovable, loyal 2 year old lab (our first child ha).

2. Tell us something most people don’t know about you! Crazy, funny, embarrassing, etc.

I eat greek yogurt every.single.morning. I mix in just a tiny bit of almond butter and add mix it up with fresh cut strawberries and a little bit of pumpkin granola. I know you want to try it now! It’s delicious and one of my most favorite things. I also have an obsession with anything related to pumpkins (hence, the pumpkin granola)…and it’s really, really hard to go a day without coffee.

3. What are your favorite movies or books?

I’m the type of person that can watch movies over and over again. I have SO many favorites. I just love watching movies! I wish I could be those people that read books all the time…I honestly try really hard to get into a good book. I have a number of them loaded on my iPad just waiting for me but I never get around to it.

4. What are your favorite foods or drinks?

For drinks: I love water and drink a lot throughout the day..also, hello Starbucks 🙂 Food: Greek yogurt obsession as said before and I love brussel sprouts (my husband hates the way they smell up the house though!)

5. What does your typical day look like?

I’m currently working a full-time job as a Marketing Manager for a non-profit in addition to having sessions on the weekends…so  days for me are never long enough. I start my mornings with a run and then a long walk with our lab. Days are spent at the office working, then I come home and cook dinner for me and my husband, play with our dog Kayla for a bit (she’s veryyy energetic), then spend the rest of the night editing, working on marketing my business, website stuff, packaging, etc etc. The list is literally endless! My husband is super supportive, so that definitely helps!

6. Tell us your business name, and give us all and any link so your website/blog/social media.

Jennifer Gulley Photography



Twitter: jengulley

Instagram: jgulley

7. Give us a brief description of the business,and how long have you been in business.

I’m a wedding and portrait/lifestyle photographer and have been in business less than a year, though it has been my passion and aspiration for many years.

7. What do you love most about having a small business?

My favorite part is following my heart and my passion and actually looking forward to Mondays! It truly is an incredible feeling to do something that you absolutely love – not many can say that they love what they do. Photography nurtures my soul and makes me truly happy.

8. What is the hardest part about having a small business?

Keeping up with all the logistics like taxes, investing, bank accounts, etc. Also, the insane amount of hours I put in…but as crazy as it sounds, I love it. I love knowing that everything I put into it will pay off in the long run. One of my favorite quotes that inspires me is “Believe in the beauty of your dreams…. and then act like a crazy lady in hot rollers to get them!”

9. What is your biggest inspirations? (other photographers, the outdoors, family etc!)

I’m inspired by love. I love, love. It’s the little moments that tell the story. I’m inspired each and every day by my friends and family and the world around us. Also, I spent a lot of time in art galleries and museums while I studied abroad in London which really drew me to the art, the story behind a piece, and much more. There is just something about art and landscapes/nature that takes your breath away. And, of course, I’m inspired by quite a few photographers out there that I follow on a daily basis. The industry is amazing and everyone is amazing!

10. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Within 5 years, it’s obviously my dream to be able to focus full-time on photography. There’s nothing better than meeting new clients and sharing monumental experiences with them – whether it’s an engagement session, a wedding, or welcoming a new baby to the family – witnessing the love that surrounds them is something I love to witness, be a part of, and am honored to capture.


Thanks so much Jen! Give her some love on Facebook or her blog, and enjoy your weekend!!

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