Small Business Friday – Hope Copeland Photography

Today I wish to welcome Hope, of Hope Copeland Photography, based in Canberra, as our weekly photographer! Hope is so sweet, and I am so grateful to have her on the blog during this busy Christmas time. Thanks Hope, you’re the best!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
I’m Hope I run Hope Copeland Photography Studio in Canberra, Australia. In 2004 Alan and I married and he helped me be the person I am today.  In 2006 and 2009, we added Lachlan and Charlotte to our little world and things have never been the same since.  

2. Tell us something most people don’t know about you! Crazy, funny, embarrassing, etc.

Most people don’t know that before I met Alan, I would have given up wine and chocolate to become a spy.
3. What are your favorite movies or books?

My very favorite movie is Gone With The Wind and has been since I was in high school. Usually I’m reading business or photography books when I’m not reading children’s books at bedtime!
4. What are your favorite foods or drinks?

Wine and chocolate – see question two.  I also LOVE summer fruits and wished they were all year round!
5. What does your typical day look like?

I frantically run around the house between 7am and 9am getting children ready for school and daycare. Alan and Charlotte leave the house just after 7:30am and Lachlan does learning on Reading Eggs while I get ready for the day. After I drop him at school, I make a coffee for myself, head into the studio and check email and social media. Depending on the day of the week, it’s either meeting with clients, delivering orders, photographing, editing or social media/blog work. I ALWAYS do my best to have a coffee at 2:00pm or I’ll fade faster than a pair of 80’s jeans. At 5:45pm I start dinner and Alan comes home with the kids and we start the morning routine in reverse. Being a full-time Mum and full-time Business Owner is the most exhausting yet most rewarding career I’ve ever had!
6. Tell us your business name, and give us all and any link so your website/blog/social media.

Hope Copeland Photography

7. Give us a brief description of the business,and how long have you been in business.

I am mainly a portrait photographer specializing in Babies, Families and Couples but have recently spread into small weddings.
7. What do you love most about having a small business?
Freedom to rearrange my schedule as needed and answering to myself.
8. What is the hardest part about having a small business?
Freedom to rearrange my schedule as needed and answering to myself.
9. What is your biggest inspirations? (other photographers, the outdoors, family etc!)
My family inspire me as does Jesh de Rox and other friends I have made through him.
10. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Hope Copeland Photography will be a portrait and wedding business travelling to other states and countries on commission.


 Thank you so much, Hope! Check out her gorgeous work on her site and blog, and have a very Merry Christmas!
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  • BradDecember 21, 2012 - 10:24 am

    Beautiful work, Hope! I really love the first image of the 3 brothers. Their parents will always cherish that image for sure!!!ReplyCancel