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Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Elizabeth, of Elizabeth Holder Photography to the blog. I have gotten to know Elizabeth just a bit through email and Facebook, and she is so sweet, and I’m excited to see what new adventures her move to Ireland takes her on!

1. Tell us a little about yourself-
I’m Elizabeth Holder –
I live in Tampa Florida –
I am married to a Homicide Detective who is due to retire in Feb after 25 years on the force – and homicide detective wives have really good stories about their lives!
I have three awesome grown-up kids – Karis -Sara –Brian & three fur kitty babies – Half-Pint, Meggie & Abbey – all rescued!
Elizabeth Holder Photography is my business – It is my 2nd Act – I’ve been a bartender for the past 20 yrs. & I’m done with that – I plan on never making another cocktail for anyone ever again!!!
And now my Business is moving to Donegal Ireland in Feb.
It’s time for a new adventure for my husband & I –
I am both excited & scared to death @ this move – but it’s exciting to think how my business can grow over there.
I really dislike rude people & I really love Pinterest & spend way too much time on there.

2. Something people don’t know:

I afraid of heights – and don’t like vegetables.
I’m allergic to alcohol – { you don’t find many bartenders that are do you?}
I live on diet cokes & Starbucks & cupcakes
I’m an only child & really wish I had a sister
I’m a clean freak & my favorite chore is laundry

3. Favorite movies or books – I am a helpless romantic – Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite book and movie – I also love J.R. Tolkien & Tom Clancy – go figure!

4. I love apple crisp, Irish Bacon, chicken pot pie & steak & potatoes – and Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino with extra chips!

5. My typical day:
Coffee – first thing &Pinterest & blogs
Clean up liter boxes and any household cleaning that needs to be done –
Then computer time – emails – editing –
Then I head to my other job- a bartender – which happily will be ending in January – and by then my day is over –

6. Elizabeth Holder Photography – & my blog – – my Facebook business page is: – & yes I know photography is spelled wrong but FB won’t allow me change it now.

7. I am a portrait photographer – I’ve been in business for approx. 2 years now – and I love what I do kids are my favorite – although I’d like to make the move to more lifestyle type of photography.

8.What I love most about a small business: – I can work from home in my sleep pants & a cup of coffee – and still have a load of laundry going at the same time – I can work at 1:00am or 5:00am – and not have to commute further then my office.

9. What is the hardest part? – The business aspect – I am the creative part of this business – my Business Manager a.k.a. – hubby is the business part – and the business part is not always the fun part – actually I don’t think it ever is. The legal end is confusing to me & I am thankful I have him to take care of the aspect for me. Although when I want to splurge on a new lens – I don’t like having to check with him 🙂

10. My biggest inspirations are : Audrey Wouldard & Doreen Kilfeather – two totally different styles of shooting – but I am equally inspired by each one – and I am hoping that moving to an entirely different environment will be a catalyst for my creativity!

11. Where do I see my business in 5 years – I hope to take Ireland by storm!!! There aren’t many lifestyle type photographers there – this style of photography is not as popular over there as it is here – so I have an open market – and while I can fall flat on my face I’d like to believe that I can succeed and I am open to the many possibilities there are for me. If we decide to stay in Europe & buy a home – I will buy one that has space for a studio – I am picturing and old 18th century home – with white washed walls and lot’s of light! If we decided to return to the states – it looks like New England may become our new home { we are tired of the Florida heat & I want seasons again!} – and I will run my business from there.

Thank you so very much Elizabeth, happy weekend everyone!

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  • BradJanuary 4, 2013 - 11:21 am

    Elizabeth, your work is beautiful!!! Congratulations on your new adventure in Ireland! I hope you shake the photography world upside down there.ReplyCancel