Small Business Friday – Alexander and The Kid Photography

I’m thrilled to welcome Sara, of Alexander and The Kid Photography to the blog today! Enjoy her gorgeous work!
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! (name, husband, kiddos, business name etc.)

My name is Sara and I am the owner of Alexander and The Kid Photography. I live in Austin, Tx with my husband and my 2 kids, Alex and Enrique. I am currently pregnant with my third child…a boy. I love being the queen of the house.

Alexander and The Kid Photography

2. Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

There is not much people don’t know since I post so much online. Something people don’t know is that I love watching HGTV. It is my favorite when I am editing on the computer. My kids see it so much they walk in and say oh is that House Hunters or Property Brothers. The bad part is that it makes me want to move and buy a fixer upper because they make all the projects looks so easy and fun.

Alexander and The Kid Photography
3. What are your favorite movies or books?

Favorite book is The Help. I love movies, shows and books that take place in the past like Mad Men and Downton Abbey. I love history because I love learning about how people lived during those times and how they dealt with their adversities.

Alexander and The Kid Photography

4. What are your favorite foods or drinks?
My favorite food and drink changes all the time. I love something, eat it non-stop and then get tired of it and never eat it again. Right now my favorite is sushi.
Alexander and The Kid Photography
5. What does your typical day look like?
I am a mom by day and photographer by night. Like a superhero. MWF we homeschool so my days are full of learning and field trips. T/Th I get up drop off the kids at school and run a million errands. Pick up my kids, cook dinner, clean and put kids to bed. Nights I stay up late working on my computer while I watch my dvr recordings. I am a night owl. Weekends I am shooting sessions and spending time with my family.
Alexander and The Kid Photography
6. Tell us your business name, and give us all and any link so your website/blog/social media.

My business name is Alexander and The Kid Photography. After 7 years in business as Sara Lopez Photography, I changed my business name last year to match the vision I had for my branding. I wanted something that felt like a world created in a child’s imagination, flying in the clouds and dressing up as their favorite character. Incorporating my kids just felt natural so Alexander and The Kid came to life.


Kids love to create their own worlds and have amazing adventures. Whether they are super heros, pirates or ninjas their imaginations are always working. I love that so much and strive to bring that out in my work. Every child is so unique and I try to capture that in my images.
Alexander and The Kid Photography
7. Give us a brief description of the business,and how long have you been in business.

I have been in business for 8 years specializing in families, newborn and children’s lifestyle portraiture. It is such a privilege when families allow me into their lives and trust me with the task of capturing their memories.  I come to love and care about my clients over the years. People call me and say you photographed me years ago I don’t know if you remember. Of course I do…I never forget a client.

Alexander and The Kid Photography

8. What do you love most about having a small business?

What do I love the most. Hands down getting to know my clients. I go into their homes and capture them when they are having life changes like adding a baby to the family. In my previous life I was an accountant but it didn’t fulfill me. Interacting with parents and kids and seeing them grow through the years is so much fun. When I look at images of my kids hanging on my wall it brings me back to the moment. The thought that I am doing that for others is amazing to me.

Alexander and The Kid Photography

9. What is the hardest part about having a small business?

The hardest is staying organized. I always let the paper work fall to the waste side because I put all my energy in my clients and giving them the Alexander and the Kid experience that entering receipts and tracking miles sometimes escapes my mind. My least favorite day is tax day because I am always scrambling to get everything ready and entered.

Alexander and The Kid Photography
10. What is your biggest inspirations? (other photographers, the outdoors, family etc!)

My biggest inspiration has always been my kids. They take me on their childhood adventures and I get to see how a child’s mind works. Whether it is making a fort, or not touching the floor because it is lava there is never a dull day in my life. It is a blessing that I try to appreciate every single day and soak it all in. When I look in their eyes I see something special…childhood. I am always trying to capture the adventure of childhood.

Alexander and The Kid Photography
11. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
In five years I hope I am still photographing families, newborns, and children. I also hope that by that time the children that I photographed as kids will start coming back for their senior portraits. That would complete the circle of capturing their childhood for me.
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