10 On Tuesday | Holly Clouse Photography

1. Happy Tuesday! Per usual, I am completely unsure of how we are already back into another week. Moving on.

2. I had two sessions yesterday, a gorgeous senior and 5 darling girls (sister’s/cousins!) that I had the pleasure of photographing. Full sneak peeks to come but here are a few quick ones-

3. Beautiful Miranda!

4. And cutie pie, girls!

5. We have a family reunion with my husband’s father’s side this weekend, I am excited to see everyone, and meet some relatives I have not met yet. I’m slightly jealous Nathan’s side is so huge, and he doesn’t have a bunch of my relatives to meet. 🙂

6. Next week, August 6th through August 13th I will be on vacation, and unavailable. I’ll respond to emails and phone calls August 14th!

7. Along with that, weekend sessions are completely booked in August. I have a weekday opening, Monday August 27th for anyone interested. September has 2 sessions left open, & October I have only one session left, the week of October 29th-November 3rd. If you are interested in fall colors, let me know asap!

8. Are ya’ll enjoying the Olympics? My best friend & I were talking about how we get sucked in late at night when we’re tired and can’t.stop.watching. After she left last night I was sitting on the couch half asleep just staring at divers diving, and diving, and diving… Ha!

9. Emma is in the throes of potty training, and quite stubborn about everything, (she got that from me 😛 ) even though she is almost potty trained.  This morning she had big girl panties on, and came up to me yelling, “Mom! Put a pull up on me so I can go potty in it!” Ahem. Someday we’ll figure it out. Someday soon. 😉

10. Anyone have a favorite carpet cleaner? One with attachments, that isn’t too big, (0r too expensive!) that works well? Yes this does relate back to the potty training in #9….

Have a happy week!

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