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Last week I had the pleasure of being contacted by American Frame , who asked me to write a review of their frames! I received my order exactly one week after placing it, and I can happily say that they are more than what I hoped for! If you are looking for frames for your home that are quick and easy ordering, fast delivery, and easy assembly, this is it!

Something unique about American Frame is that you assemble your own frames. I was a bit wary of this at first, but it turned out incredibly easy. The first frame I ordered was this matte white frame.  Along with it, I ordered a tangerine mat, and a print, since I wanted to try American Frame’s image quality, which is lovely.

Another unique aspect is that both of the frames I reviewed are metal. I was interested in how this would look as well, as it’s not my typical style. The one’s I picked though are perfect-you can go more modern with their choices, but if you’re like me & always pick the timeless, classic look they’ve got that too. The metal is light as well, I found it to be much lighter than the wood frames I have in similar sizes, but also very durable.

You receive a package with your frame sides, and supplies to make your frame, which is SO easy. Match the ends to each other, and slide in the plates, then tighten with a screwdriver. Easy!

One of my favorite things about American Frame’s supplies is the “glass” which really isn’t glass. It’s Acrylic/Plexi-Glass. I LOVE this. The kids have knocked countless frames off the wall, which has sadly resulted in broken glass inside the frame. It never hurt them, but it’s a pain to clean up. I absolutely love not having to worry that the glass will break in shipment, or during our move to the new house AND there is no distortion-it looks just like glass to me. It also comes with paper on either side that you just peel off when ready to assemble your frame. Best feature I’ve seen yet from a framing company!


I picked this tangerine mat to go with the kids’ new playroom. I uploaded my image, without cropping at all, and the recommendation was that it be sized at 8×5 5/16th’s, an unusual size and virtually impossible to find at a framing supply store. American Frame’s does custom sizes though, at it came out beautifully! My mat fits my image perfectly, and I love the custom size. The second image is with the plexi-glass over it. Nice, right?

Here are the final pieces I put in (again, easy!) to hold my image in place, and the back of the final, finished product. Easy, and fantastic looking. Love that I have a custom size most people don’t have, and love that it is unique to this image, and fits it so very well.


I also received a Petite Reflections in Chocolate frame.  I ordered one specifically for our wedding picture (the last frame the kids knocked off the wall and broke the glass!) and when I went to order my frame, just put in the size of my image. Voila, a custom sized mat & frame, perfect for my image. LOVE it! This frame was just as easy to put together as the first one-together they took me about 10 minutes for BOTH frames.

Hello gorgeous chocolate color.

And the finished product…

 I also received cleaning supplies (plexi-glass cleaner & polish and cleaning cloth!) and a mat board eraser in case I get something on my mats. They work so well!

Overall, I’ll happily give these guys an A++. Easy ordering system, great customer service that answered questions quickly and efficiently, quick delivery, and lovely, but durable product. The last bonus about this company is their BBB rating, something they didn’t mention & had no idea I was going to check out. Go check out the Better Business Bureau online. American Frame has an A+ rating, an accredited business since 1976, with no 0 complaints. And that’s good enough for me.

P.S. The moment I finished writing this review, Landon brought in the white frame, and told me that Emma had just stepped on it. I cringed, and opened my eyes to look at it…and it’s fine! No dents, no cracks, no scratches, it looks just like new. Woot!

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  • Andrea HalseyApril 13, 2012 - 2:45 pm

    Simply. Classy. Beautiful! I love what you did with the bright colored mat and thanks so much for the review!ReplyCancel