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1.) I found shoes for E! Some of you know how annoying this has been for me…E has *TINY* feet…she just now grew out of newborn shoes (at almost 10 months old!) and is really wanting to walk..but I can’t find any kind of quality, durable shoes she can walk in. Newborn shoes are darling, but they’re all cloth and foof. (heehee 🙂 ) SO, Target came to the rescue (Ah, how we love Target. 😉 ) and I found these darling shoes their that are perfect for her…even though size 2 is a bit big (totally hoping they’ll fit perfect for summer time.) I bought her some super cute shoes last year that were on clearance, thinking she would be in that size (she’s supposed to be 4 or 5) but those will have to wait till next year. 😉 And, I included a picture, because one of my sweet photog friends asked to see since she’s been searching as well.

2. I have my new camera! It came yesterday, and even though I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, I am in.love. It’s the best. 😉

3. We have more sunshine today!!! (another good excuse to take the kids outside and play with my camera. 😉 )

4. I love boquet’s of flowers sitting on my desk, they make me smile. 🙂 Enough said. 🙂

5. E’s eat’s A.TON.  Like, more then Landon. And maybe even more then me. 😉 She nurses, she eat’s her dinner (a ton), she beg’s for my dinner, for L’s dinner, for N’s dinner…and then if other people are over she heads over for their dinner, haha! Last night we had some guys over to watch the GU game ( the sad, sad GU game 🙁 ) and she begged for food from her Uncle Michael…and then headed over to her Uncle Austin. The picture below is her begging Austin for his dinner. Silly girly.

6. Not to leave out L, he is currently OBSESSED with the movie Cars. He loves it, he quotes it, he sings songs about it, he tells stranger’s at the store about it, he…well, you get the picture. He loves everything to do with it. He got some Cars swimtrunks and is currently wearing them around the house, quoting and exclaiming about the movie. So funny. I bet he’ll be wanting to wear them all summer 😉 And hopefully you’ll see pictures of it before summer. 😉 L is currently running in the opposite direction of my camera these days, so you just get pictures of E!

7. Spring is getting filled up with sessions! Remember to book soon if you are hoping to get in for the end of March, April or May, remember that I sell gift card’s (Mother’s Day!!!) and remember to contact me SOON with your due date if you want a newborn session for spring or summer.

8. I posted the link on my Facebook, but never on here…you may remember me mentioning that the kids and I would be in a commercial for our Credit Union…here is the link to see one version of it…we had a blast, what a fun experience!

9. I’m sewing a Easter dress for E and should have it done soon…so check back for pictures! I think it’s gonna be super cute.

10. Have a fabulous week!

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  • JenniferMarch 9, 2010 - 1:04 pm

    The shoes are adorable!! And you’re welcome for the Cars obsession. 😉ReplyCancel

  • RachelMarch 9, 2010 - 1:36 pm

    YAY for new cameras! And new shoes! And Cars! And Spring! Sounds like this week is starting off a lot better than last week. 🙂 Love you!ReplyCancel