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We are loving autumn, loving our growing babies, and genuinely loving life.  Nathan is studying lots and I’ve been having so much fun with families booking session and editing. Landon is talking constantly now, our little ball of energy that never stops moving or changing. He sings “Jesus Loves Me” and “Happy Birthday to Landon” all the time…he loves to read stories with us, and whenever he says “Uh-oh!” instantly replies to himself, “What’s wrong Landon?” Cracks me up. 🙂 Emmalia is rolling around lots, and spends her days rolling to Landon’s toys, who runs over and grabs it…she rolls to the next one, and the cycle continues! So cute to watch. I absolutely love having two kids, and love their ages right now.

Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up with my photography…should be happening next week!

The best picture I get of Landon these days:


Our precious little angel:


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