Happy 1st Birthday, E | Spokane, WA Photographer

Dear Emmalia May,

1 year ago this morning, at 3:42 am, I was holding you in my arms. I was exclaiming over your darling hair, how awake you were, and your beautiful blue eyes, that look exactly the same one year later. Daddy was smiling at you, and trying to get me to let him hold you and the nurses and doctor were exclaiming over what a tiny, but strong baby you were. And you just looked around, taking it all in, and refusing to cry for the nurse, even when she kept trying to get you too.  And that’s when Daddy said he thought you’d be, “Sweet but stubborn, just like your mommy.” 😉

You were two weeks early, and I should have known that would be your plan your whole first year of life-“Emmalia’s timing.” You smiled at 2 weeks to one of your auntie’s, you surprised me by sitting up at 4 1/2 months ( you just sat there smiling at me, thinking it was funny I was so surprised.) You crawled at exactly 6 months, and took your first steps at 10 months, leading everyone to exclaim over what an early walker you’d be. And yet, here we are, 12 months and you *refuse* to walk, sitting and pouting when we try and make you. But Emma, as soon as mommy puts the camera away, and daddy stops trying, you stand up by yourself and casually take a few steps to the couch where you laugh and clap for yourself. Ahem.

Emmalia, you are a true joy and delight to us. Daddy and I count you and Landon as the biggest blessings in our life. We love you, and we cherish you. I pray that we are teaching you how God would want us too…that I am teaching you to be a lady, to be polite but honest, and how to work as hard as you can. Daddy says he prays that he is showing you what a Godly husband and father is, and that someday your family will be as wonderful as ours is.

Emmalia, you are loved, and you always will be. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby girl. And remember to always be sweet, but stubborn. You come from a long line of those. 😉

Love you always and forever, my baby you’ll always be,


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