Fun in the sun | Spokane, WA Photographer

Who doesn’t want to start the week of with a smile? 🙂 I have so many darling pictures of the kiddos outside-they love being outside SO much. I can’t believe that we’ve already been outside everyday for the last (um, I can’t remember, but it’s alot… ;o) ) many days! It’s cute to me, L runs around, yelling, playing in his sandbox, throwing dirt, the whole boy thing! E sits and daintily moves her feet to keep the grass from tickling them…she tries a tiny bit of dirt and makes a silly face and then slowly moves on…what a big difference for us between a boy and a girl so far (I know some don’t see that big of a difference, because of kiddos personalities.) So excpect to see tons more planting and playing pictures…then this weekend, an engagement session! (just to switch it up for you all… 😉 )

Enjoy the snapshot of E, and enjoy your sunny Monday!

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