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Has it really been that long since I blogged? Time is flying and moving a wee bit too quick for me these days. I might be currently looking for a pause button. 😉

Yesterday one of my best friends came over, and we had a lovely time doing a craft with the kids. And by lovely I mean; fun, crazy, silly, lots of paint, cleaning up, Landon spilling bubbles on the floor while cleaning, Emma falling in said bubbles, Emma getting a bath, Emma peeing and pooping on the floor after her bath. Ahem. It was however, lots of fun, and I *LOVE* how it turned out.

SO, awhile ago I found 12×12 canvases for $1.99 at Michael’s (if you never buy canvases, that’s a *REALLY* good deal. ) Originally I was thinking of modgepodging pictures on them and put a bunch of them up in a big square on the kids’ wall, but I’ve never found more than 2, and I have huge pictures on canvas in our living room. SO, we decided to put the kids’ hand and foot  prints on them. 🙂 We used paint color’s that match their room…it’s super easy, and, as you can see by the pictures, the loved it. 🙂

*Disclaimer* Here is where pictures of darling Emma should be. However, there are not. If you would like to try to do this project while holding down a 13-month-old covered in paint, and take lovely pictures at the same time, be my guest. 😉

Tada! A really fun project, and super easy. The kids loved it. 🙂
Enjoy your Wednesday!

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