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1. I haven’t done a 5 on Friday in awhile! We’ve been (per usual) busy lately, getting lots of things done around the house…like getting a new fridge and chest freezer delivered tomorrow! I’m just slightly delighted, since our fridge is super old. Most families fridges are about 20-25cu.ft. and our old one is 10. BOO. 🙂

2. On that note, does anyone have fabulous dinner recipes that freeze well to share? Some friends shared some cookbooks and websites on Facebook (thank you!) but I would always love more. Do you freeze meals for your family? I’m thinking of having one day a month when I freeze roughly 12 meals, to have 3 a week for the next month. Would love for that to work well!

3. A few weeks ago I grabbed a Groupon for a FANTASTIC deal on a canvas, and today, it arrived!!! I’m in love. *swoon* I grabbed two super quick pictures before Emmalia attacked it (can you see her in the first picture in the bottom right hand corner? 🙂 ), and the color is super wonky,  so excuse that. 😉

I got the idea from the fabulous Erin Cobb, and am in love with how it turned out. So much more amazing in person. Ahhhh….

4.  I currently have 2 sessions available in September, and 2-3 available in October. Please think NOW about getting Christmas pictures taken for you and your family. If you’ve been putting it off, why? My favorite thing about Christmas cards are getting to see the pictures, and looking back at the memories of each family year after year. I know so many families who keep saying they need/want to get pictures taken, and life just gets in the way. Make it an importance!

5. One last picture of my senior from a week ago today, as the gallery is up…really like this one!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend, everyone!

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