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Disclaimer: Every year I write a birthday post to our babies, and scrapbook it. I hope that they appreciate reading them in the future. Today’s post is dedicated to the birthday boy, who is 3. 🙂

Dear Landon,

3 years goes by so slowly, and so very, very quickly. 3 years ago I went into labor, thrilled that a long 9 months was ending, and simultaneously amazed that we were about to have a darling little boy. 12 hours of labor dragged, but at the same time flew by, a quick first time labor and easy hours of pushing, and suddenly, there you were. You, Landon, our beautiful firstborn boy. Never had I know such pride; pride that you were ours, pride that I had carried you, pride that I was a new mother.

You were so quiet when you were born that I remember daddy asking if you were ok, especially because you had been having trouble during labor. Our amazing doctor immediately threw you on my chest and exclaimed that you were perfectly perfect. And there you were, our 6lb 7oz tiny baby boy. You had the most wide, exquisite eyes, as you quietly stared into mine. Your eyes looked so old, as if you knew what life was like already, eyes exactly like your daddy’s. It was like looking into his eyes. Nurses and doctor’s scurried around us, and all I saw was you, my darling boy. And while I was still staring, your doctor said, “Holly, talk to him! He wants to know where mommy is.” And I said, “Hi Landon, I’m your mommy.” And the most awesome daddy in the world said, “Hi little guy, we’re always gonna take care of you, and we love you.”

These past 3 years, Landon, have been a joy and a delight. Watching you grow, watching you learn, and watching your joy for life makes my heart burst with happiness. Listening to you talk to daddy, play with your baby sister, watching you explain something to your Papa, singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to your grandma…in those moments a mommy’s heart cannot be more full or more delighted. I can’t believe this baby I was just holding and loving and caring for is now a 3-year-old, walking, talking, preschooler. It seems as though you’ve always been with daddy and I, our darling boy, our firstborn son.

May you learn and grow more as you walk through your next year to 4 years old. May you enjoy every moment, remember special memories, and realize just how much you are loved. May you always walk with God, and put Him first, and may daddy and I always show you how to do that.  Because, sweet Landon boy, my heart feels as though it loves you more than anyone else could love their baby.

Love you forever, my baby you’ll always be,


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