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1. I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger…which is mainly why I am doing a 10 on Tuesday today….*must* write on the blog! 🙂

2. E crawls…EVERYWHERE! (and pretends to fly when she isn’t crawling 😉 ) Too cute, we love it. She talks alot too, she already says mama and dada when she sees N and I and she’s always talking to L. Silly girlie crawls after me all day whining, “mama! mama!” 🙂


3. I cut my finger a week ago this last Sunday while I was making dinner (part of my excuse for being a bad blogger 😉 ) and cut it so bad N had to take me in to get stitches. I also cut the nerve, so they don’t think I’ll have feeling in the tip of it any more or not much. Ugh! Can’t believe I did that, and I’m SO glad N was home…

4. The weather is *amazing* lately! Today we had a bit of snow, but nearly every other day we’ve had spring like weather, and it’s been wonderful! I love it, and frankly, I’m perfectly fine with skipping the whole bleak/snowy January. 😉

5. The weather leads me to all the house project’s I’ve been doing lately! I’ve gotten nearly everything crossed off my to-do list, and it’s totally awesome. Makes me giddy. 🙂

6. One of my new year’s plans was to do more crafts (mainly more crafts with L) and he and I have been having fun doing little things together. Yesterday we did a bigger project and put items from N and I’s wedding in a shadow box. I’ve had N’s boutineer and my boquet around forever, and keep worrying that they will get ruined. So happy to have little things like that finished, and watch L be so happy to sit and do them with me.

7. Speaking of L…. 😉

8. The little stinker seems to think it’s great fun to act like a baby these days…he triest to copy *everything* E does, and think’s it’s hilarious. He especially thinks it’s funny when I grab my camera, so I guess I’m just empowering him further… 😉

9. One of my “craft” projects is getting some BIG pictures up on our wall of the kids…people, 11×14 is not big. And, honestly, it just doesn’t do beautiful pictures showing the deserve! I plan on taking pictures  of it as soon as it’s finished.

10. Will you comment for me, if you read this? 🙂 I love getting comments, and it will get me back in the swing of blogging….so comment! There’s my shameless plea. 🙂

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  • chelsieJanuary 26, 2010 - 11:26 am

    I love, love, love reading your blogs! I’m still getting the hang of it on Facebook, but when I CAN access them, I love to read about you and your beautiful family. It’s hard to stay connected 3 hours away, so I’m grateful for what I can get! :~D
    Keep blogging…and I’ll keep reading!
    Love ya lots!ReplyCancel

    • blogJanuary 27, 2010 - 7:18 am

      Ah, thanks Chelsie! Yay, that made my day 🙂ReplyCancel

  • RachelJanuary 27, 2010 - 12:19 am

    Oh man. The pacifier is way too much. and the look on his face. And the fact that yes, he does do that often. I really love him.
    And Emma just makes me smile no matter what she does. I can’t wait to take her out for tea when she gets old enough. That’s going to be fun 🙂
    Love you guys!ReplyCancel

    • blogJanuary 27, 2010 - 7:40 am

      Oh the pacifier…that child just wants to be a baby again…and I got the cutest picture of him the other day that I can’t wait to show you…and Emma, I think we should do a tea party/picnic photo shoot with her this summer… 😉ReplyCancel