10 On Tuesday… | Spokane, WA Photographer

1. I *pinkie promise* I have more Christmas pictures to share. And winter pictures. And pictures of the New Year. But I also had to renew my license. And listen to Emma’s woe’s about 4 teeth coming in. And clean my house. And buisness taxes. Ya know, things like that. Someday you shall see Landon in his darling horsey outfit. Maybe in June, but you’ll see it. 😉

2. If you’re a fan (liker 😉 ) on Facebook, you’ve already seen the link to my fun 2011 project, A Frame A Day. You can find it here: www.photographybyholly.wordpress.com or by holding your mouse over “website” at the top of this blog, and clicking “A Frame A Day”. One of my favorites from last week:

3. There any many reasons I love my best friends, but one of the main one’s now is country music. It’s a problem. I now *love* country music. Billy Currington? Ah. Keith Urban? *swoon* Zac Brown Band? *squeal* (K, I don’t ever squeal. I just do happy dances. 😉 ) It’s an issue. Nathan hates country music. HATES. But, I am now completely obsessed, thanks mainly to Rachel. The Band Perry? Lady Antebellum? Even Taylor Swift. Make me smile by handing me a country album. I’ll love you forever.

4. Speaking of besties, Snooki is a hot Jersey mess. This one’s for you Rachel.

5. Don’t forget, I’ll be in Seaside, OR March 12, 2011 for mini-sessions! Please contact me ASAP if you want pricing info, or to reserve your date!

6. This week I will have details up on a giveaway I am doing with my sister! You can find her at:  www.distinctlyivy.com Super excited about it!

7. I’m ready for spring! I don’t mind winter, but I’m done this year. It is so fun playing in the snow with the kids, but when it is so.stinkin.cold. they can’t even go outside to do more than walk to the car. (Emma undresses herself people. Everywhere. Everytime.) We have another winter storm watch in effect tonight through Thursday morning for up to a foot of snow. The good news is that we have 40degrees forcasted for next week.  Here comes my happy dance!

8. Today when my best friend was over, she was playing football with pillows with Landon, and said, “Landon, where do you get all your energy from?” And he goes, “From my toys!!!”

9. I’m having way too much fun with the video camera we were given for Christmas. These kids are so.funny. and always seem to know when to really ham it up for the camera. Ha!

10. Have a fabulous week! (and GO SEAHAWKS!)

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  • RachelJanuary 13, 2011 - 12:30 pm

    Love your Frame-A-Day photos! They are so cute!ReplyCancel

  • JennyOJanuary 16, 2011 - 8:13 am

    I love lifestyle shots like this with everyone so full of joy. Look forward to seeing more.ReplyCancel