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1. I missed/skipped/was totally lazy 😉 last week, but I’m back! This is fun for me and keeps me blogging on (most) Tuesday’s!

2. Springtime is here! Yay! The time change, the warm weather, the flower’s everywhere…I’m loving it! The kids love being outside, and on sunn days, that’s where most of our time is spent. No matter how many hours we are outside though, the kids always cry when they have to go inside. Ever. Single. Time. Yay for them having fun though!
3. I took this picture  a month or two ago, but never shared it (maybe because I am that far behind on editing family pictures?). Anyway, he *looks* like a little charmer, and he *looks* like a little angel. Charmer part, yes. Angel part, no. E may be into everything with her crawling/cruising/almost walking skills, but L is a mess machine. 2 weeks ago he put toys in the oven (and I didn’t realize, and turned it on, and was cleaning up gooey plastic for the rest of they day.), he helps E get into stuff that he knows he shouldn’t get into (“She asked me mama!” Um, right…) and is a generally mischievous little boy.  However, my life would be so boring without his little antics, so, bring it on little mister! He’s too much fun. 🙂

4. Springtime means sessions! I’ve said it alot these past Tuesday’s, but I really am booking up fast. If you want a spring session, BOOK NOW! Otherwise you won’t get in. And trust me, we don’t want that to happen. 😉
5. I have a giveaway coming up in the next week, so watch closely! It involves gift certificates and whoever sees the post quickest is going to have the best chance. So keep watching!!

6.  E is talking alot more now, and really starting to babble on about things. I can’t believe how much she is doing (practically walking already!) and that I am already planning another 1st Birthday party (*sob*). It doesn’t seem time yet!

7. Go visit my sister’s lovely jewelry shot at www.distinctlyivy.com She has some super cute stuff there, and adorable photography charms. She made me a super cute photography keychain for my birthday and I absolutely love it!

8. With spring comes spring cleaning, and though I am mostly done, I rented a carpet cleaner last week, gave the kids to grandma for a few hours and went crazy! It was fun to get things clean, and I am loving how our house smells right now. 🙂

9. Does anyone have any fabulous new recipes to share? I’ve been trying lots of new ones lately, which has been lots of fun, but I could use more! I’m creating a cookbook out of our favorites, and some of the favorites from my family and my in-law’s and I am really enjoying it. Just when I think I’m done though, I find a new one to try. 🙂

10. Stat tuned for new sneak peeks since spring sessions are starting in full force!

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