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1. Thank you SO much to everyone that read my “Small Business Friday” post and left some comment love and sent messages! I am so thrilled so many of you are loving that feature, and finding out just how many readers I have! I have alot more fantastic mom’s lined up for upcoming Friday’s…stick around. 😉

2. I’m trying a new Manicotti recipe tonight, in my attempt to find the “perfect” one. If you think you’ve got the perfect recipe for it, please share. Especially if it involves not boiling the noodles and copious amounts of cheese. 😉

3. Speaking of Manicotti, on Sunday I did my one day of cooking for 2 weeks worth of meals. I’ve been doing this for about 2 months now, with one week added in there as a break. It’s alot of cooking, but with a fabulous best friend or autnie’s over to help with the kiddos, it’s so wonderful to have meals to throw in the oven on busy days. And, if I feel like cooking another meal a certain night, I save the original in the freezer for a busy night in the future. Heaven!

4. I’ve been playing with my new Speedlite (my birthday present alot of family and friends helped with, THANKS!) and having fun.  have pictures of the kids that are supposed to be here:

“insert picture”

and here:

“insert picture”

but on of the darling little’s ran off with two 8gb cf cards. They’re.just.gone. *sigh* Following the posting of this, a search will ensue.

5.  Do you know about my Frame A Day blog? A Frame A Day I’m thrilled to say I keep it mostly caught up, and the only days that get behind sometimes are weekends. Hooray for me! (no comments on how we are only 6 weeks into the year, thankyouverymuch.)

6.  If you’re a mom to young kids, Disney has a magazine called ‘Family Fun’ that I love! I got a free subscription to it last year, and am a few months into it now. It has fantastic ideas for crafts and things to do, along with coupons and easy recipes. I have a problem with signing up whenever I see a free magazine subscription (it’s free, how can I not?!) so I get all sorts like Martha Stewart Living, Marie Claire (boo), Women’s Day, Parenting, etc.etc.etc. but Family Fun is my favorite!

7. We’ve taken a picture every year since Nathan and I have been married of us and the kids (or lack of in the beginning, ha!) in our Gonzaga gear (we’re HUGE fans) and just did our latest one (which was actually for 2010) a few weekends ago at my mom’s. IF I can ever find my lost cf cards, I’ll have to post them all, because some of the older one’s are pretty funny.

8. If you’d forgotten, or just need a reminder, I’m only booking to the 1st week of April because of job changes. (looks like we’re going to be moving, eek!) If you are hoping for a spring session, please contact me very soon. It’s filling up very quickly!

9.  I need this:

from  howfab

10. Have a fabulous week!

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  • Nance HFebruary 18, 2011 - 3:26 pm

    Love all of your features you do on different days!ReplyCancel