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1. This past weekend my in-laws took the kids for a cousin’s sleepover. I went out to a girl’s night and movie with my best friend on Friday night, slept in and drank copious amounts of coffee on Saturday, and mostly relaxed. I don’t ever (evereverever) get to sleep in. The previous times they kiddos have been gone I’ve had pretty early morning shoots on Saturday’s, and when they’re home the latest they sleep in is 7, so sleeping in until 9ish was insanely awesome. Love grandparents!!

2. As I said, my best friend and I went to a movie on Friday, which (if you know us, you already know what’s coming!) was Country Strong. The movie wasn’t the most amazing thing ever to me, but the music was fantastic. And it wasn’t a  musical, as all the guys Nathan was playing cards with when I came home would like to think. They just can’t appreciate good country music! 😉 I have already bought the soundtrack as an early birthday present to myself. Ahem. And Garrett Hedlund is an a.ma.z.ing. singer, and Leighton Meester does pretty well herself.

3. Case in point.

You’re welcome.

4. Seaside, OR beach sessions are still on for March! Contact me if you need the info, the spots are going fast, but I’ve still got a few left!

5. Alot of my friend’s have been talking about this on their blogs, but if you haven’t seen in yet, I’m addicted to Pinterest! It’s fun, and something to do when everyone’s in bed and my brain is fried from taxes and emails. If you want an invite, put your email address in the comments and I’ll hook you up. 😉

6. Alot of my clients have given me alot of referrals lately. I appreciated it SO much, that not only do you allow me to capture the precious memories of you families, but love them enough to tell your friends and family about them. THANK YOU! Keep sending ’em here. 😉

7. Very excited to be teaching a photography class in April, for an Awana group. So grateful for the opportunity to share a tiny bit about what I know!

8. If you didn’t see my post on Facebook,I’m looking for mom’s with small businesses who would like a bit more exposure for their buisness and don’t mind answering a few “intervish” questions, and would enjoy being featured on my blog. Please use the contact form at the top of the page or leave a comment below if you’re  mommy with a small buisness who’s interested!


10. Have a ridiculously happy week!

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