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Aka, the post where you want to hurt Holly because she’s bringing up old pictures that never got posted. 😉 But seriously, there was a part 3 to our June, Seaside vacation, and I never posted it even though I promised to at the end of THIS post.   It’s got alot of Emma in it, because we *finally* got her in the water (and excited about it!) that last day. I can think of two people off the top of my head who really want to see these (Rachel, mom) along with some other’s (y’all care about my darling kids, right?! 😉 ) so here it is! Part 3, and then I promise to finally move on to July pictures. 😉


This picture We visited a new shark exhibit that they were getting ready to open, and they let us go in for free, and take pictures and gave the kids free shark teeth, which might be their favorite part of the whole trip. Now, if only we could find them. (the shark teeth, not the kids. 😉


Vacations are tiring! 😉

And how we eat on vacation, Emmalia style!


The world’s funniest picture. Miss Drama Queen didn’t think he was gonna share.

Have a happy Wednesday evening!

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