Spokane Kids Photographer – Happy 8th Birthday, Emma!

On each of the kids’ birthday’s, I write them a letter that I will compile in a book for them to be given on their 18th birthday’s. Today’s is for Emmalia. Her first birthday letter can be found HERE, and her second can be read HERE, her third letter HERE, her fourth letter HERE, her fifth letter HERE,  her sixth HERE, and last year’s HERE.


Dear Emma,

Happy Birthday, sis. I can’t believe you’re eight.

Time flies. I’m know without a doubt that someday when I read these letters over again, I’ll notice that common theme, running through them all…that time flies. It’s fun to look at last year’s letter, and see how much has changed, and yet how you’ve stayed the same.

Looking over your baby pictures, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, and what a lovely young lady you’ve become. You’re so much taller this year, and much more mature. You love to help “parent” Elonna, and always ask me what you can do for me so that we can play games sooner. 🙂 You love your baby cousins, and love being the “mommy” and telling them what to do and how to play.

You really keep me on my toes with how you’ll be feeling and acting each day. When days are happy, they’re amazing but when they’re sad, they’re horrible. You’re a very up or down little girl, and it’s interesting to watch that start to level out a bit as you get older. I hope, for my sake, it’s very level by the time you’re a teenager. 🙂

You’ve worked very hard at conquering your dyslexia this past year, and reading your first story was probably the biggest triumph of the year for us. It’s so fun for me to see that switch in learning, and how hard you’re starting to work at it. I’m still amazed at how your brain learns, so differently than mine, so uniquely you. We struggle, and we butt heads, but we always get to the end result. I hope you always remember how special it is to be that unique. I hope you also always remember to push yourself and to work hard at things.

You made a lot of new friend’s this year. In the past you’ve been a bit more timid at introducing yourself and making friend’s, but this year you really blossomed at that. You’ve *adore* your friends, and make them gifts and craft them all sorts of sweet things. You and I are very similar in that way, we absolutely adore our friendships and really hold onto them tightly. I hope you always make those solid, lifetime friends as I have. They will be a delight to you on hard and easy days.

You’re quite crafty now, and have gotten very good at drawing this year. You craft “gift’s” by the dozens for our family and your family at church. You love giving little presents to your favorite people.  You LOVE gymnastics, and have a handstand perfected, and are working on a walkover. I love that, because I loved gymnastics so much when I was your age. I can’t wait to see where you go with that, and all the new things you’ll learn this year.

I love you, Emmalia. I love the sudden hugs that come throughout the day sporadically, I love how much you love snuggles, and I love how much you love our family. You might be the most loyal kid I’ve ever seen, and I hope you use that well as you grow up. Love with all your heart, Emma, even if you get hurt. It’s a gift.

We love you Emma. Happy 8th Birthday. We can’t wait to watch you grow more.

All my love,


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