Spokane Family Photographer – Happy 10th Birthday, Landon!

Dear Landon,

Double digits!  Happy 10th birthday, buddy.

It seems quite believable to me that you’re 10, because as everyone says, you’re more of an adult in a kids body than a kid! Or at least a teenager. 😉 I see so much of me (and dad!) in you, it’s so fun. You and I just think alot alike, and it’s so fun now that you’re older and have been picking up on so much the last few years. It’s interesting to have your kid start making the transition from little kid to big kid, and just watching you do more and more things on your own.

You’re my level child, probably made even more pronounced with two silly and dramatic sisters! You personality is very even, and doesn’t have big drops or highs. Life is always cool with you. You were a hard, loud, kind of difficult baby, but you’ve just grown into a mature, even tempered young man, and I always remind my clients that that can happen, as they tell me about their needy baby. 🙂

You love creatures! You had grasshoppers, fish and lizards this year, plus a day with a frog before it was released. You love all things amphibians, and spend time watching YouTube videos on them and hunting for them, and bringing me copious amounts of creatures you ask if you can keep…and then that inevitably get lost in our house. 😉

You played alot of sports this past year, and though it was close, baseball came out as the favorite. Your favorite sport to watch is still football, and you have every player’s stat ingrained in your mind. You get up late at night when dad’s away for work and come into my room to talk my ear off about all the player and team stats you’ve learned that day. You love to read still, but mainly historical fiction, because, as you told me, it needs to have a point if you read it or say it. 😉 You aren’t shy at all around people and hang quite well, but you don’t *need* to be around people. You’re just as content reading as you are playing with friends, which I can totally understand.

You have a really tender heart. When we lost our baby earlier this year, you would find me if I closed the door to my room crying, and you’d sit and cry with me. You notice what other people need, and ask if we can have someone over because they seem lonely. You like to help people, and you mow the lawn and do alot of big jobs with me now. You also carefully watch people, and then later, give me a profound description of how they are acting a certain way, and how they either shouldn’t be, or why they might be. Commonly, the thing I want to say so badly, (but stop myself from!) you say to someone.  I really do love that about you and your dad. You’re both very precise people in your thoughts. You say what’s on your mind, and move on. I will always know if my clothes look bad or if I look tired with the two of you around. 🙂

Finally, you love the Lord. Finding you reading your Bible and asking me questions or singing a Toby Mac song is awfully fun for us. I love that you want to be the best you can.

We love you so much, Landon, and I’m really hoping time slows down just a bit this year. Happy Birthday, buddy, and welcome to double digits.

I love you,



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