Happy Grandparent’s Day! | Spokane Family Photographer

Before I start, I wanted to remember what happened 10 years ago today, the many families that lost loved ones, and the many responder’s who will forever live with the first hand memories of the tragic events on that day as they rushed to help, and the one’s that lost their lives helping.  I say grateful prayers for the men and women that serve our country every day in harm’s way. Thank you for your service. We do not take it for granted.


We are blessed with some very special and amazing grandparents for our children, and for ourselves. Nathan’s mom and dad, my parents, my grandparents, Nathan’s grandma, and other grandma and her husband. They are a blessing and example to us, a delight to visit with and learn from. They push us onward, and bless us with their wisdom and their encouragement in our lives. We love you all so much, and are so blessed to have you in our lives!


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