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On each of the kids’ birthday’s, I write them a letter to be scrap booked for later. Today’s is for Emmalia. Her first birthday letter can be found HERE, and her second can be read HERE, and her third letter HERE.

Dear Emma,

 Today you are 4. Happy Birthday. Four. It’s a big number. And now, you’re not a little toddler anymore, you’re a big girl, entering PreK soon, growing so fast, and being so independent.

For some reason this is a hard birthday for me. I think it’s because you’re the baby, my “Little Pip”. It’s weird to have you so big, it’s like I was holding my teeny tiny newborn just yesterday…a sentence you’ll probably notice me say every year. You’ve learned alot this year, you’ve come a long way. We started out at those terrible three’s, and have come full circle.  This year I realized how much like me you are. It’s amazing to look in someone’s face, and see yours looking back. It’s amazing to see you grow, to see you learn, to hear the stories you come up with. You’re perfect, Emmalia.

You’re also our class clown. Oh my, your personality has grown, and you are SO funny. The things you say keep me in stitches, the funny faces you make help even the grumpiest store cashier smile, and your stories entrance the elderly neighbor down the road. But my, you are so quiet around strangers. You have to get your feet under you before you will talk to someone, which is so me. But once you do, you give your heart. You LOVE to dance, you dance and dance and dance. It’s so cute. You spin in circles, because of seeing the ice skaters at Disney on Ice with Grandma. You move your hands around, and twirl, and just dance your heart out. You don’t sing though, unless you’re by yourself. I sneak up on you, and there you sit, singing away. So sweet. You’re really not a girly girl anymore, besides nailpolish and “sparkly lips”. You love chasing Landon around, you love Avenger’s and mud and riding your bike, which is so me too. Love that.

Here’s to a new year, Miss Emma, and what may come. Here’s to living life large, and keeping your comic relief going full speed. Here’s to being four, here’s to staying determined on that new bike, here’s to staying tough. Your momma loves you baby girl, very, very much.

Love, Mom

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