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On each of the kids’ birthday’s, I write them a letter to be scrap booked for later. Today’s is for Emmalia. Her first birthday letter can be found HERE.


Dear Emmalia,

Today is your 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday, darling girl. You have delighted our hearts these past two years with your smiles and joy, our Emmalia Girl, our blonde sunshine baby.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying,  some days I wish for just one more moment to hold you in my arms as a 6lb baby, and watch you sleep, to stop you from growing for one moment in time.

I watch you dance about your day, a bundle of energy. I marvel at what God has made Emmalia, I marvel at the miracle you are. Please never forget that you are strong, that you are beautiful, and that you are you. Never forget your natural beauty, never be swayed by what other’s want you to do. Stand firm when you are the only one that does, and allow other’s to praise you, and never yourself. Be polite, be firm, be truthful, and be genuine. Know that no matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter where life takes you, no matter what decisions you make, Daddy & I will always love you. And love you more than you can know.

There are so many things I wish I could teach you, so many hurts I know will come some day that I wish I could stop from coming. I want to hold the world back, I want to let it be easy and free for you, I want life and persons to never hurt you, but I know it can’t be so. Know that there will be trials you go through, and remember that they will make you stronger. Know that your heart will be broken, and it will make love that much sweeter.  Learn from your mistakes, and try to learn from watching other’s mistakes.

Today, Emma, enjoy being two. We celebrate your life today, and the blessing you are to our little family. We love you. SO much.

Love you always and forever, my baby you’ll always be,







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