Classic Baby Photography in Spokane by Holly Clouse Photography | 10 On Tuesday

1. Happy Tuesday! I’m officially “on vacation” (this packing thing is so not a vacation 😉 ) but I am still responding to calls and emails, just taking a bit longer than my usual response time. I’ll be back full time about May 10th or so, though I am booking sessions right now for that date or later. Please contact me if you would like to discuss session dates!

2. It’s amazing what you find while you’re packing. Stocking stuffer’s that where supposed to be in the stocking’s last 4 months ago? Check. A binki under the bed from when the kids where babies? Check. 7 sippy cups in the kids’ closet, hidden by Landon? Check. Horray for lost treasures! 😉

3. I will say though, that moving with kids is a totally different experience than when you don’t have kids, and if you’ve only moved when you didn’t have kids, I’m not sure you’ve totally lived! Or totally pulled your hair out. They are good little helpers though, always ready to unpack a box, and ask a million “But why, mom?” questions, and a million “We’re not going to leave this here, are we?” questions. Love them!

4.  My phone is barely creeping along till Thursday, when I get an upgrade. (CAN’T.WAIT.) Then, on Friday, I found Nathan’s phone in the wash machine. I did the whole “leave-it-in-rice-and-cross-your-fingers” thing, but no such luck. So today he has a new phone he’s getting used to, and I get the pleasure of a new phone this weekend. Any recommendations? We joke that we should buy stock in cell phone production, because it’s a wee bit ridiculous how many we manage to destroy.

5. Who’s happy about spring?! Over night it seems, the cherry tree’s are blossoming here at our home, and I am so excited to see what will be growing at the new home.  (roses and irises, last time I stopped by!)

6. I am anxiously awaiting the blooming of my little lilies before we move, because I love their happy yellow faces, but I’m not sure. Fingers crossed! I went outside the other night after a rainstorm, to listen to silence and to capture the flowers growing.

7. spring flowers in spokane,wa

8.  Speaking of jogging, who is?! 🙂 Spring is my time to get back outside with my jogging, and as always, I love it. I keep telling my sister we need to run a race or marathon together this year, and I think we will since we will be living so much closer to each other now. (hooray!) any good ones in Spokane?! Ivy, I think I’m going to try and convince you to take on The Dirty Dash. 😉

9. I was accepted last week into the National Association of Professional Child Photographer’s! I’m excited to be a part of it, and I am really enjoying making new friends, and meeting some very, very talented photographer’s!

10. Have a lovely week!

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  • Elizabeth holderApril 25, 2012 - 12:09 pm

    Hi holly
    I’m from the fb group on Erin cobbs class
    Just wanted to say congrats on being accepted into the NAPCP
    How cool is that
    I’ve read your getting ready to move ?
    Well so am I – not till end of the year
    We r moving to Ireland ad I hope my business does well there
    I have always wanted to visit Seattle – never been on the west coast
    But that may have to wait now

    Love your workReplyCancel