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Dear Landon,

Today is your 4th birthday. Happy Birthday, handsome boy.

Landon, you delight us. Your smile lights up our home, your laugh is contagious, your personality is so precious. You are so full of life and energy, so full of happiness, so full of love for others. I didn’t realize that I would notice such a change between 3 and 4. That one day I would stare at you, wondering where my little guy went, and when this big boy came to take his place. You think before you speak, you notice when I need a hug, you run to Emma when she cries for someone. Sometimes I watch you as you quietly sit and watch the world go by, content to be in your own little zone for a few minutes, before you race off to try out another idea you have; and this mommy completely understands the need. I love how sometimes I see daddy in you, and other times, you’re just like me.

Landon, I hope we are raising you as God would want us. I pray that we are teaching you right and wrong, and showing you when something isn’t right. I hope you realize how much we love you, and how much you are wanted. You have been wanted from the very second we knew of you, and have been loved, wanted and cherished ever since. I hope one day you have the amazing blessing of holding your children, and realize the depths of love we have for you and Emmalia.

I wish I could hold back the world for you. I wish I could make you always rich, make you always  happy, make your life always easy. But I know the person I’ve become  is partly because it hasn’t always been easy. Because I have gone through struggles and trials, and because I’ve come out better for it. I wish I could show you every straight path, and right way, but remember when the world seems to be against you, that you’re also growing and learning. Don’t look back. Cherish each experience. Dream big huge dreams Landon, and then make them come true, because it’s the best feeling ever.

I love you Landon. Enjoy being 4 little man. Enjoy being you.




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