100 Words for my Little Boy – Spokane Photographer

1. Being a man of God will be your greatest achievement in life.
2. Never forget when you believed you could be anything-Captain America, a race car driver, or a lineman like daddy. You can do whatever you want, Landon.
3. Your sister adores you, even on the days she’s a diva. Never forget how much she loves you.
4. Always open doors for ladies, young or old. They love that.
5. You are never, ever too busy to help someone out.
6. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing in a man.
7. So is someone who is kind to others. Say hello. Be polite.
8. Learn to cook a few dinners on your own. Any future potential wives will swoon.
9. Choose a first kiss wisely.
10. Work hard at your friendships. They are very important. Find Godly friends.
11. Begin a marriage with a solid friendship. Adore the woman you marry.
12. Pick your career wisely. It’s something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.
13. Keep your credit and your teeth clean. You’ll have those two things for a long time.
14. We all make mistakes. The trick is to get back up.
15. Don’t wallow in your problems. It’s an ugly addiction, and soon people will not want to talk to you because of how much you talk about your issues. Talk about your joys.
16. Some days, no matter what you say, your girl is gonna be grumpy with you. Give her a hug, tell her you love her, and move on.
17. You will make mistakes. Graciously apologize, and move on.
18. Life sucks some days. It’s just a day, it’s not your entire life.
19. A person is a person, no matter how much money they have, what kind of job they have, their race or etc. Treat them kindly.
20. Eat your fruits and veggies.
21. If you don’t like sports, it’s ok. If you don’t like electronics, that’s ok to.
22. You are you. Nothing is more wonderful than a man that is comfortable in his own skin.
23. Give your wife a hug and tell her you love her every day. It’s a big deal for women and good for your marriage.
24. Your uncles are amazing, amazing, amazing men. Talk to them. Learn from them. They won’t steer you wrong.
25. Drinking coffee is good for the soul.
26. Overworking is overrated.
27. Having lots of stuff won’t make you happy. You’ll still be miserable, but with alot of junk.
28. Movies night and popcorn are the best. I’ll have a movie night with you any time.
30. Listen to what someone is saying, don’t just prepare your next response in your head as you listen to them. Listen.
31. School is awesome, and it’s fun.
32. Music is good for the soul.
33. So is dancing.
34. Keep your car clean. Girls swoon over that too.
5. Women love a handy man.
36. Be original. There’s only one Landon Clouse, and he’s awesome.
37. Dream it up. I bet you can do it.
38. Time flies. Trust me on that one.
39. Never, ever stop playing with your kids, if you decide to have kids. Only decide to have some cuties, if you’re willing to give them your heart, time and attention.
40. Set your mind to it, and go do it.
41. Dream.
42. Star Wars. Star Trek. Lord of the Rings. These are “guy” movies you must watch.
43. No matter how old you are, you can always come home.
44. No matter what you do, I love you.
45. No matter where you go, you’ll always be my Landon.
46. Be silly.
47. Jog. Run. Lift weights. Just workout. It’s good for the soul, and it clears my brain when I need it to be cleared.
48. Take time to look at the stars sometimes.
49. Go to the dentist routinely.
50. Keep up-to-date on current events around the world.
51. Travel.
52. Girl’s can be awful.
53. Your little sis just loves you to pieces. Oh my.
54. Never stop protecting her. Melts my heart.
55. No girl has ever loved your as much as your momma does. Remember that.
56. Always hold on to your morals.
57. Just because everyone else is doing it…you know the rest.
58. Superhero’s are for real, and you are one. Keep doing good, Landon.
59. If your family and friends are telling you not to do something, consider their counsel, not matter how badly you want to ignore it.
60. There are some women that can create drama out of absolutely nothing, and they do it routinely. Beware.
61. Be careful when you drive someday. I know you like pretending to be a race car driver, but…be safe.
62. College can be a good thing, or it can not “work” at all for you and your career. Choose wisely, but it’s *your* choice.
63. Take a day off once in awhile.
64. Take a road trip with buddies someday.
65. You seem to have my gift for photography. Go crazy. You’re amazing.
66. Your heart will get broken, at least once. Learn, treasure, move on.
67. Remember: you’re trying to be like Jesus.
68. Mind your own business.
69. Build something amazing with your hands.
70. Never stop being so darn cheerful. Love that about you.
71. Pick your battles.
72. Enjoy music. It’s a balm to the soul, and your mom and Uncle Michael’s favorite thing. So, dude, it runs in the family.
73. Sometimes…just go with it.
74. Questions are good, and you ask alot of them. Never stop being curious.
75. Save more then you think you need to.
76. A first kiss is a special thing. Choose wisely.
77. Read, and read lots.
78. Memorize scripture. Lots of it.
79. Help your wife pick out the perfect Christmas tree.
80. Then go make some fun traditions of your own.
81. Try everything. You might as well experience it, and not regret someday, that you didn’t try. Go wakeboarding. Go fishing. Go talk to her.
82. Do the next right thing.
83. You are going to fall, I guarantee it. Get up. Dust off. Move on. This is where those friends come in handy.
84. Learn to make a dollar stretch. Just in case you ever need to.
85. I LOVE fixing up this house. I hope you find joy in yours someday.
86. Find a hobby. Have at least three things you love to do.
87. You have a gift for noticing that people are hurting. Never stop caring.
88. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you be. Give yourself time to grow.
89. Be patient.
90. Sometimes live moves, quickly and suddenly. Don’t be left behind.
91. My greatest joy is to see you walking in the truth. Continue on.
92. Have Uncle Michael teach you how to make muffins and a mean dessert. I’ll show you how to make Alfredo.
93.Notice when your girl is tired. Help her out, or send her to take a nap. She’ll adore you.
94. Women are super easy to please. Love her, adore her, cherish her. And, done.
95. I hope you get a sports car someday. Have fun fixing it up.
96. You’re amazing. Never forget that.
97. Learn to speak a different language.
98. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
99. Enjoy the ride.
100. Marvel at the incredible miracle that you are.

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