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1. Here follow’s probably one of the more random 10 On Tuesday’s you’ll get.  Just keeping things exciting around here. You’re welcome. 😉

2. Did you all see my ad on guboards.com?! I am so excited about it, and if you found me from it, welcome! We LOVE the Zags, so perfect place to advertise, right?! 🙂 Just one of the neat things I was looking forward too, more to come!

3. Have you ever been to Free Rice? It was one of Time’s top websites of 2011. For every answer to a question you get right (vocabulary questions!) Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to end world hunger. It’s something I can sit down and do when I have just 5 or 10 minutes, and then move on-and I’ve already donated tons of rice! I love it!

4. Did everyone love the snow we got on Saturday night? Landon was SO excited, he has been dying for snow. Unfortunately (for him) it was all melted by Sunday morning so he didn’t get to play in it. I keep telling him he’s gonna have more snow then he probably ever dreamed of here soon, but he seems slightly wary. 🙂

5. Meanwhile, he and Emmalia both enjoyed playing outside to their little heart’s contents when we had such sunny weather last week. COLD, but sunny nonetheless! 🙂 I absolutely have to put business and house work down for an hour one of these days to edit some pictures of them, but for now, a classic Emma smile!


7. And we can’t leave Mr. Goofball out. 😉 Emma is a crackup, but Landon is Mr Class Clown, as Nathan says. I’m not sure where he got it…oh wait, from his daddy, and his Uncle Michael, and his Uncle Dave, and… 😉


9. And, speaking of little guys, does anyone else’s 4-year-old ask a billion questions a day?! “They” say that the average four-year-old asks 473 questions a day, and I believe it! Landon asks, and asks, and asks, and sometimes it’s just, “What? What mom?” So funny. It’s so amazing to watch him soaking up every bit of information and learning he can, I’ll take all the questions he gives me, just for the fun of watching him learn something new! It’s pretty amazing.

10. Have a lovely Tuesday, and a lovely week!

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